The Cyst

I am freaking out.

Just discovered my cyst is getting much bigger.

May need surgery soon to remove it, if it doesn’t rupture on it’s own… in which case I will need emergency surgery.

NOT looking forward to another hospital visit.

Called Theresa Rose and she came over at lunch to calm me down.

Went out for lunch with Colette at 1:00.

Made many attempts to phone doctors.

This morning, my family doctor called.  Told me I needed an MRI done on my abdomen and to phone my gynecologist (they told me that they already faxed him).

Phoned the gynecologist. who didn’t receive the fax, so I phoned Family doctor again.  His secretary told me she would phone me tomorrow morning once he’s seen the ultrasound.

My LTD oncology nurse phoned and I had family dr. send her the ultrasound results.  She told me not to worry… unlikely cancer, but will probably have to get the cyst removed.

The thought of going back to the hospital….. don’t even want to think about it.



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