Scorned Because I Parked In the Handicapped Parking Space

I don’t think I was very nice today.

Too bad.  So sad.  It actually really felt good.

I bit somebodies head off at a nearby Garden Centre/Nursery… you remember that place where someone stole my Christmas tree when I was undergoing chemo?

The problem was that I knew I was going to be late picking up the kids unless I really was fast picking up a pair of gardening gloves.  I had bought some flowers at another nursery earlier in the day.  Had to take my pain meds after that.  They didn’t really weigh too much, but it still did me in.

I was really happy to see that my handicap spot near the door was available as I went there already twice this week and it was occupied.  So I pulled into the spot and quickly got out of the car.  A woman with a limp was coming out of the store and she gave me a dirty look.  Then she said something which I couldn’t really hear, but I knew it was a derogatory comment directed at me.  “Excuse me,” I said to her, “Did you say something to me?”  “I’m sorry, I didn’t hear you.”   “What did you say?”.  She muttered something about not being handicapped and which I replied, “Well in fact, I am handicapped.  I have cancer in my spine and two metal rods in my back and I am in pain every day of my life.”

She ran away.

(And she went pretty darn fast considering she had a limp).

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