Chemo. Pimple

April 28, 2013

Chemo. Pimple

I know that this may be hard to believe, but I have a pimple on my nose that refuses to go away.  It has been on there every since I had chemotherapy in 2010.

I really want to get rid of it and have been searching for a remedy for months.  I have bought a myriad of cleansers and creams, with no luck.  Why, oh, why won’t it just go away?

When I went to a health food store, the woman who owned it said that if it was there since chemo., it probably wouldn’t go away.  She also said that there was nothing organic on the market that would get rid of the raccoon rings under my eyes.  She suggested juicing because she thought that I had some kind of deficiency.  However, I did manage to find something to get rid of the black rings a while back.  It’s from an organic company called Consonant (ultra firming organic eye cream) and it works like a charm.  I love it.

A few weeks ago I went and had a facial.  They just put a whole bunch of creams on my face, charged me $120, and I still had blackheads on my nose.  I thought they were suppose to exfoliate my nose.  Isn’t that what exfoliate means?  Dig in there and get them out.  Apparently not.  Anyway, I’m out $120 and I still hate my nose because of the big pink pimple.

So last week, I went to Shoppers Drug Mart on a quest to kill the pimple.  Asked the girl behind the counter what she recommended.  At this point, even I didn’t care if it had some chemicals in the cream, the pimple had to go.   Biore strips?  Nope, she said they don’t work.    She recommended TriAcneal.  She claimed that if I used it, the dirt from the pores would surface and I could just squish it out.  Cost me about $30.  Been using it for about a week.  Works pretty good on the surrounding blackheads, but not the damn pink pimple.  It refuses to die; but the rest of my nose is looking pretty good.

So then, on the week-end, I went to the St. Lawrence Market to a little shop called Selsi on the lower level.  All organic.  Bought a collection of seaweed bath salts and nice smelling lavender essential oil for Hope’s teacher and started talking to Andrea, the owner.  Told her about my chemo. pimple.  She recommended some Replenishing Facial Oil with Pure Turkish Rose.  I think it was only about $12.50.  Why not?  I just spent $120 for a facial.  What the heck.  So I decided to try it.  Used the tester and took a bottle home.

And guess what?  After a couple of hours what should my wondrous eyes appear?  That damn pimple decreased to half it’s original size.  That oil did something to it.  I could not believe it when I looked in the mirror last evening.  I was starting to believe that the thing was never going to go.  And now, after using this oil for 2 days, it is almost, almost gone.

Gotta go back to that shop and see what else she’s got.

Na na na na….na na na na….hey pimple.  Good-bye!

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