NOT Once, NOT Twice, But THREE Times on the Jumbotron!


That’s right Folks.

The place was the Sky Dome/Rogers Center on Tuesday, May 28, 2013.

Atlanta Braves Vs The Toronto Blue Jays.

It was Fire Safety Day and we had lots of stuff for our big day at the ball park.  White bristol board placards with:  St. Andrews P.S. Knows About Fire Safety, Do You?   Six Baseballs with good/bad safety points (smoke alarm, stove with overflowing pot/pan/mitt on fire, baby with a lighter/matches, cigarette, many plugs in a socket, heater 3 feet away from a wall).  And a giant banner with four cute kids dressed up in Blue Jays Gear + Go Blue Jays Go Signs.IMG_0241

Needless to say, we weren’t seen just once or twice on the Jumbotron, but a whole THREE times!

And not only did we get on the Jumbotron, we also won a cheque for The School Banner Contest for the sum of FIVE HUNDRED DOLLARS!

Jumbotron Cheque $500

It was a beautiful day at the ballpark  (smirk).

Ha ha…I’d say I’m laughing all the way to the bank, but Anna’s getting the cheque!!!

Well, at least I got my wish to be on the Jumbotron.  That’s one less thing on my Bucket List!  Gotta think of some more crazy things to do!


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