Finding Dedo

You know the movie, Finding Nemo?  Well I’m going to France to find Dedo, the gargoyle.  Just who is this cute little character I’m after?

He’s a little gargoyle with pointy ears and he has two crossed toes.  Apparently a little boy somehow ended up on the roof of the Notre Dame Cathedral in France found it centuries after it was placed there by a nun (the church was built in 1160).  She couldn’t stand the ugly gargoyles which were placed on the tops of the cathedral to ward evil spirits from coming down to earth.  So she put Dedo there, with his toes crossed, in case any friendly spirits wanted to come to earth.  I told Frick and Frack I would bring Dedo home with me if I could find him!  Maybe I’ll be able to find a children’s book (in english) with the story in one of the art museums there too!

images-1 images



Now the question is, if I find a big one for the garden, how the heck am I going to get it home?  Might set off the scales at the airport!

I wonder how good my cousins back is?  She is definitely going to think twice about going to France with me after this.

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