Thelma and Louise

life of pie

On Monday there was a special Canada episode of the Amazing Race on T.V.    They had the usual pair of contestants, gay couple, married couple, twin sisters, blah, blah blah.  I was talking to Cathy about this last time….there should be a Cancer Team.  I’d sign up.  I’d win at the airports with my doctors note for disability access!  No line ups.  Just MOVE on through!  I’d even be good with the bungee jumping, though I don’t think my spine doctor would recommend that one!

So my idea of new T.V. reality show would be called something like:  So the Doctor Told You Your Gonna Die, Now What R Ya Gonna Do?

Then there would be a picture of me and Boo in a convertible driving on the West Coast (from San Francisco to L.A.), just like Thelma and Louise!  And one of my stops would be at a ship called the Queen Mary which my friend Liz recently told me about.  It’s a Ghost Ship and  you can sleep overnight.  Boo told me I’d be staying on the ship alone, if I went.  “What about a Ghost Tour?” I asked her.  “Silence”.  I guess I would be going to see the Queen Mary alone.

So what do you think?  Financiers for my new show would need to cover the costs of my wacky trips and the medical insurance which I can’t seem to get on my own.  Plus my kids would probably want to come and watch.  Bobo could quit his job and come watch too.

I think I want to go to Tibet and visit some real monks.  Maybe they can teach me how to meditate (something I wasn’t really good at when I tried it here).  I’d also like to go to Lake Louise, visit some glaciers, and go on that $5,000 train called the Rocky Mountaineer from Vancouver to Calgary.  Go on an Alaskan cruise.   Hmmm…the possibilities….endless.

Oh, what I could do with a little bit of money!

By the way, you are probably wondering how I am going to finance my trip to France.  I’m flying for free on my credit card air mile points from my medications and let’s face it, when you’ve been diagnosed with cancer, you really don’t see the point in keeping those RSP’s you’ve been saving all those years.

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