The Louvre

Wednesday July 24

Today we went to George Pompidou museum.  Didn’t stay there very long because it had mostly modern art, and I wasn’t interested in it that very much.  These photos were of exhibits I liked the best.  I have no idea what the titles are so I made up my own…”New Designer Couch For a Very Big House”,  “Skeleton Just Hanging Around”  and  “What Else Do You Do With Those Damn Panty Hose That Run But Hang Them From The Ceiling?”

 new couch     IMG_0663   panty hose art

Then we went to the Louvre.  It was so huge.  The statues were gorgeous.  Everywhere you go in France walking or by car,  you can see stunning masterpieces of artwork… ornate buildings, huge statues, beautiful fountains, and tributes to Napolean (whom it appears, was really full of himself).

Me At the Louvre

Me At the Louvre

Louvre Fountain

Louvre pick up

There were a bunch of gypsies near one of the entrance of the Louvre, but when they heard the sirens of two police cars coming boy they took off past me like a shot across the street.

There was quite a line up for tickets, but we got in right away when I showed them my handicapped permit.  It really has come in useful and we didn’t have to pay for admission.  Got a wheelchair and away we went.  We were there all day.

Louvre LIne UP    Big Line up

We ended up in a room with throngs of people to see the Mona Lisa.  Boo tried to get a spot in the middle of the room, but it was really difficult to get to the front with a wheelchair.  So many people kept getting in front of us, we had no where to go.  However, when we eventually got closer, one of the the museum curators saw me in the wheelchair and yelled at everyone in French to let me pass…it was like the parting of the sea!  I got RIGHT up close to it and got some great photos of it…none of the other visitors could get a close -up shot like mine, past the ropes.  With the view I got, I should have bought my sketchbook out and start to draw! …but I had other things I wanted to see.

Mona Lisa

At the bottom of the louvre is a moat and the makings of the bottom of a castle; shows how they were built.  We saw so many beautiful things; these are just a few.

Jesus    IMG_0729 IMG_0756 IMG_0763  IMG_0744 IMG_0714 DSCN0248 DSCN0252

There were lots, and I mean lots of gigantic paintings and statues from across the centuries.  Boo said Napoleon stole them all.  One section of the Louvre consisted of Napoleons apartments.

Napoleans Appts    DSCN0243    DSCN0240

So when he wasn’t pillaging the world freezing his ass off, he lived in opulence, let  me tell you.  Red carpets, furniture, and drapery and gold everything else.  He must have had some great parties…the table in the dining room could have easily fit about 50 people.  Honestly the France could stand to make lots of money if they replicated that room in another part of the castle and served lunches and dinner at Napoleon’s table.  Come dressed in costume of that century and we’re all set!  Not sure about the menu, but I’d go!

It was kind of difficult finding lifts to get to see all of the exhibitions, especially near the sculptures.  Whenever we got stuck because there were stairs, we would ask an official.  On one of those occasions, the guy ushered us through a secret doorway behind him and we got to see the Crown Jewels.  That room was truly something else.  It was incredibly beautiful, however I think England’s crowns are probably more extravagant.

IMG_0753      DSCN0231

I think we covered pretty much all the floors at the Louvre, but I’m not sure.

We went to an Italian restaurant for dinner because I was desperate to find some soup without cream in it.  I am not feeling so hot.  I’ve been coughing up a storm.  I thought it may have been be ause of a dessert thing I ate on the plane that had a preservative.  The coque Monsieur sandwich I had at a kiosk beneath the Eiffel Tower compounded the issue.  It was like a grill cheese sandwich with wacky ham in it.  I sometimes have bad reactions to milk and dairy products and it’s been more pronounced now that I am in France.  I confess I have been trying those little creamy desserts on occasion!

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