Our NY Vacation

Friday July 12

We r heading home. I love driving in the United States because all the slow traffic stays to the right and it’s easy to zip past them. The only bad thing is their toll roads, but the fact that there is very little congestion makes it worth the money we paid to use it.

Bobo has never been to NY so we spent our first two days on one of those red double decker tour buses. It was worth it, but it was rather hot.  When we got off at the stop to see the Empire State Building there were a whole bunch of guys in orange shirts telling us to buy tickets from them.  One guy said it was $50 bucks to not wait in line and go straight to the top, or $40 bucks to wait in line.

“Are you kidding me?” I told him.  “$200 bucks for a family of four?  Forget it!”   “Get back on the bus,” I told my family. “Cept the bus left without us and we had to wait for 3 more because they were all full.  My friend Stella later told me that the guys in the orange shirts were scammers and next time go around the corner to the ticket booth.

So the next day we went back via the double decker bus. Bobo told the sea of scalpers that we were not going to the Empire State Building, then we went around the corner and walked to the ticket counter. $28 for adults and $16 for kids.  And forget about waiting in line either.  I showed the guy my letter from my doctor for disability access and we bypassed four elevator lines (to go up and down) and I didn’t have to go through the metal detector either…although I was padded down.

It was a beautiful thing.  I love my oncologist.  I love my note.  Did the same thing at Ground Zero. Got wanded, but they let me through.

We saw a lot on our trip to NY.  We rented some bikes and rode around Central Park.  Went for dinner in Little Italy.  Saw China town.  Did a night tour of the city (which included going over the Brooklin Bridge).  Visited the Museum of Natural History.  Went shopping (not for me…but for my children/husband) at FAO Swartz, Toys R Us, The Disney Store, and every candy store in Manhattan).  Did the Stature of Liberty Cruise.  Saw the 3D movie “Monsters University”.  And got lost (took the wrong train) and ended up in Harlem.  Overall, a very busy, but fun holiday.

My feet are not okay. This trip did not help the situation because there is a lot of walking when you go to New York. My physiotherapist taped up my feet the day before we left to give me more support, but because it was over 86 degrees in NY, they got overheated fast. The next day, not only did I have sore feet, but a beautiful red rash too. I had to take off the support bandages to itch my feet and wasn’t about to re-tape them because of the rash.  Oh well, what can you do.  I am determined to have fun this summer, despite my feet!

We are on our way to the Canadian border. I can’t wait until the broader officer asks me what we bought.  The last time I took my husband on a trip (to the Agawa Canyon Train Ride in the fall), my husband discover a “Spirit of Halloween” store and stuffed our trunk with scary Halloween decorations(example 6 ft coffin, 5 ft glow in the dark screaming woman, etc).  There was barely any room for our luggage.  This time the car trunk is filled up with a ridiculous amount of CHOCOLATE.  That’s right.  A mountain of “Chocolate”.  Chocolate from…the Hershey’s Store, Dylan’s Candy Store, M & M World, and the Lindt Store where my nut-bar husband bought 2 special “cooler” bags designed specifically for chocolate so they wouldn’t melt on the drive back home (good for 5 hours apparently).  He also bought an Empire State Building and an M & M Nutcracker to add to his holiday collection.  My kids (which includes my husband) also brought home a wide variety of Minions (those yellow Despicable Me toys from McDonalds).  I think we pretty much hit every McDonalds in sight from Toronto, through Buffalo, Rochester, Syracuse, Albany, and New York.  Me, I was content to go home with a bag m & m chocolate covered pretzels and Candy Popping Chocolate Bars….they explode in your mouth.  They are so cool.

Guess Where I am?

Guess where I am?

Eye spy with my little eye…I see

A guy with a giant spoon/fork crossing the street.



2. A Naked Cowboy playing a guitar in the middle of the street.



3. Elmo, Mickey Mouse, Mario & Luigi…Police take-down.  (luckily Cookie Monster got away).

Elmo Take-down         Character Take Down NY


4.  A Really Cool Moving Company Truck (Van Gogh Movers….A “Cut” above the rest…see the ear?)  Isn’t that hilarious?

van gogh movers


5.  A Giant Rat (protest for better wages/benefits by construction workers at a famous Hotel)

Giant Rat


And if you haven’t figured it out yet…here’s your last clue…My Picture with the Cake Boss Bobble-Head!

Cake Boss


Have you guess where I am?  Only in New York, of course!

I am never leaving. I have discovered m & m chocolate covered pretzels and I cannot stop eating them!