Back to Reality

September 1, 2013

Back from vacation and back to reality.  Had a spinal MRI earlier in the week and went for my monthly shots in the stomach and the ass on Friday, August 30th.

The night before my Friday appointments, my LTD oncology nurse tried phoning me a couple of times.  She sent me an email of my spinal MRI.  She got a hold of me the next morning before I went in to tell me that there have been new developments in my spine….ie) the little f****rs (as my friend Maria O’Kane calls cancer tumours) are growing.  Three tumours on T3 and another one of L2 (besides some other smaller ones).  She told me they were going to send me for tests to see if there is anything else growing on my organs (chest x-ray, abdominal/pelvis CT scans), in which case they will take me off of the drug Fulvestrant put me on palliative chemotherapy.

When I went in to see my oncologist, I got to see the Dragon Lady instead.  I think she is the Grim Reaper…she is definitely the deliverer of BAD NEWS.  I can’t stand her.  She saw the report I brought in front of me and asked…”What’s this?”   “The Report”, I told her.  “Oh, so you know”, she said flippantly.  I asked her a couple of questions.  She rolled her eyes, as usual, and then I left.  Thank heavens my LTD nurse prepared me in advance.

Oh yeah, I’ve been nominated to participate in another study….some Indian doctor at Toronto General is researching people with cancer and heart complications because of Chemo.  The Dragon Lady said I’m going to need all the help I can get with regards to my heart problems with medications.

I went to see my radiation guy on Friday too.  When he came in the room I was in, I said, “I got some more growing on T3.”   “T3”, he answered surprised, “I thought L2”.  “Yeah, there too”.  “Do you want to blast them?” he asked.  I gave him the thumbs up, smiled, and said, “Yes”.  “Okay”, he said, “I will arrange it.  Why don’t we keep blasting them as they show up?”.  “Sounds good to me”, I responded.  Then he told me that he had accepted a job at Sunnybrook as Deputy Chief and did I want to follow him.  “You bet,” I answered….anyone who wants to blast the tumours growing in my spine is a pal of mine.

Guess I’m going to be getting another blue kayak made (the vacuum-packed body bag  that will keep me secure while they do radiation).  Two radiation treatments to go….soon….very soon because he is packing his bags and leaving for Sunnybrook in October.  I’m going to have 2 high dose radiation treatments.  Got a 5 day prescription for nausea.  Now I don’t have to worry about going on a diet….maybe I will loose some of the weight I gained throughout the East Coast eating Lobster Rolls this summer!

Just got a telephone call today (Thursday) to come in tomorrow to get my vacuum packed kayak ready.  Hmmm, getting shrink-wrapped again.  I think I’m going to have to pretend I’m going for a spa treatment.



I will be trying to blog (+photos) my numerous adventures travelling to New York, Paris, and New Brunswick (Fredericton, Moncton, St. Andrews By the Sea), Salem, Boston, Plymouth Rock, and Cape Cod)….so keep visiting my site.  Some of my upcoming blogs will include….painting in Monet’s Garden, almost being shot by a cop, and going on a Ghost Tour in Salem and visiting the witches dungeon!




3 thoughts on “Back to Reality

  1. Hi Maria I’m so sorry to hear you have tumors on your spine & you have to have more radiation. I’m available if there is anything you need. Please call anytime day or night. When do you go for tests on the organs?

    It’s a good thing you are not at school right now. No classroom & no music or phys Ed books. All gone. Can’t find them anywhere!! It’s been a bit frustrating. Hopefully the classroom will be finished soon & I can have music classes there once again.

    If you feel like a visiter after school one day let me know. Talk soon Linda PS enjoying the blogs about your trip

    “Carpe Diem” Sent from my iPhone

    • What do you mean all the phys ed and music books are gone? Don’t tell me some stupid idiot threw them in the garbage? They have to somewhere! Please tell me that Paul moved the filing cabinet that was in the corner to somewhere safe…that’s were I had all my music and I wanted to do choir for Remembrance Day and Christmas this year.

      My organ and tissue tests is on the 17th…however my appt with the doc. to discuss the results won’t be until the 27th. How’s that for torture?

      I am going to come into school some time next week. See you soon.



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