Zapped Again and The Story of Chi

Got the goalie mask on today and was zapped.

It was uncomfortable and scary to say the least (to have that thing over my head), but I managed to calm my anxiety with my “Stress Relief” CD  (which I asked the technician to play really loud so I would have to listen to the machines whirling around my head).

Gotta do it again tomorrow.

I took an anti-nausea pill an hour before I went in.  It seemed to do the trick because I was not heaving alongside my toilet this evening.  Although, I am not kidding myself.  Radiation is cumulative and I’m not out of the woods yet.

I was feeling very tired at around 6:00 this evening and fell asleep right away, until I was awakened by my son who wanted something.  “Go away”, I told him drowsily.  “Ask your dad”.  But he was undaunted and kept pestering me until I gave him a solution to his problem.  No rest for the weary.  Then I got up and discovered that my glasses, which I had placed on my bed, were misaligned and I had to get Bobo to drive me to the mall to get them fixed because I couldn’t see.

Anyhow, I’m going in for another 1 hour treatment tomorrow.  And I was surprised with an additional two radiation treatments on Monday and Tuesday of next week for the tumour in my lower back.  Oh well, what can you do.  Can’t complain; at least they are being taken care of.


I woke up at around 4:00 this morning and wrote this piece of writing.

The Story of Chi

Chi is another name I believe the chinese use for the word “Spirit”.

The is my interpretation of Chi.

Every person on Earth was made from God and has a little piece of “Chi” in them.

God only lets that piece of him live on Earth for a short period of time.  There is a time when everyone must die in order for your Chi to reunite with God.

Some people are allowed to have longer “years” to live on earth, yet some have shorter ones.  It depends on “His” plans for us.

Either way, everyone has a time when “their ticket is up”.  No one lives on Earth forever.    We all think we have more time then we actually do.  Some people pass quickly, and their Chi is reunited with God right away.  That often happens in things like accidents, in which people’s “Chi” are taken up to heaven immediately.  Others are allowed to roam the earth longer because God has allowed them to.  Perhaps their Chi is not ready to go, and they must tie up some loose ends before they meet again with God.

However, the closer you are for your ticket to reunite with God, the harder it is for your body to survive on Earth.  Often, there is a clash because your Chi wants to go to heaven, and our physical body endures pain because it is not ready to leave yet.  The pain increases until you are ready for your Chi to meet with God again.  It is Gods way of telling you it’s time to be with him again.

So if you are given the privilege to remain on Earth, even though he is telling you it is almost time to reunite with him, you must learn to see what God has provided you here while on Earth.  Appreciate the glorious beauty of nature across the seasons and across the various landscapes.  Our home on Earth is made up of beautiful things to see. but they are often missed because people are too busy with their lives to notice them.  This will renew your Chi.  It is also important to take the time to notice the people that God has chosen to be with you.  They are a part of Him, as much as you are.  And they are truly special because your Chi and their Chi is entwined together in some mysterious way.  There is a purpose as to why they are with you in this place, at this time.  They hurt when you hurt.  They are happy when you are happy.  They are sad when you are sad.  You are connected to them as God is connected with you.

So use your time wisely, with whatever time you have left.  You have the power to help others around you see Gods blessings and help their Chi when they are in need.  You also have the power to harm your Chi and others Chi by your words and actions.  That is why it is always prudent to think before you act.

No one lives on Earth forever.  It’s up to you to make it a better place with the time you have on it.  God Bless.

Dear God thank you

5 thoughts on “Zapped Again and The Story of Chi

  1. Thank you for the reminder to appreciate the beauty of our world & the people on our lives. Thinking of you Linda

    “Carpe Diem” Sent from my iPhone

  2. Love reading everything you write Maria, stay strong and never give up…..God is watching over all of us.


    On Fri, Sep 20, 2013 at 6:48 AM, If The Cancer Doesn’t Kill You, The Nurses

  3. Maria, I am a friend of Bru’s & she sent me a link to this site. I think you are wise and strong and an inspiration. You are a reminder to us all of the beauty of God’s world. Thank you! Bru said she had a wonderful time with you overseas! She told me just how special you are. Take care Veneita. xxx

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