Bad Karma

Friday, October 25, 2013

 Went to PMH today.

It was a good day and a bad sort of a day.

I was anxious about my visit because I had so many bad side effects to the new chemo. drug I’m was taking.  The latest has been about 3 days of crying…it feels like I’ve got onions stuck in my eyes…horrible. 

The line up at the blood lab this morning was horrendous.  I waited over an hour to do my bloodwork; ordered/paid for my Xgeva shot (for my bones), and went to see my oncologist for my scheduled appointment.  

 ‘Cept I didn’t see him.

I didn’t see the Dragon Lady either.

Today I saw a Mexican Doctor.  

He was nicer than the Dragon Lady and didn’t roll up his eyes every time I asked a question, so I was content.  I asked him what the plan was and he said, “Cut the Chemo. drug in half and see if the side effects lessen, double the heart medication to protect my heart, eyes drops for my watery/itchy eyes, and they will check my next spinal MRI after the 3rd round of chemo to see if the tumours in my back have stopped growing.  He is also sending me for an ultrasound on Monday…my lymph nodes are swollen under my arm where I had my surgery. 

I got a new prescription and sent BoBo to the pharmacy line-up to submit it while I got my shot in the stomach.  Didn’t hurt much…got enough fat over there 

I later went down to check to see if they filled it.  They said they didn’t get it and I had to get another number and wait in the order line again.  I got frustrated.  As I waited, I was surprised to see Bobo come around the corner.  I thought he went back to work.  He told me he went up to see Maria O’Kane and why hadn’t I gone to see her yet? I was going to after I got my meds which wasn’t ordered apparently.  He told me he handed in the prescription but it wouldn’t be ready until 12:00.  That gave me some time to see Maria.  I was suppose to meet with one of my former colleagues, James, for lunch and I didn’t want to be too late.

I went upstairs to see Maria.  She is on the 16th floor in the Palliative Care Ward again.  She is down to 90 pounds.  The doctors told her they can’t give her any more chemo. because she is so underweight, and if she eats, the cancer will thrive.  There is nothing they can do.

Today she was on oxygen because she said she was having difficulty breathing (tumours in her lung).  I felt so bad for her.  She said she wants to get away and go on vacation somewhere.  I don’t blame her one bit.  I am hoping that I will be able to take her to a day spa next week, but I’m not sure they will let me take her out of the hospital.  She is waiting for a spot at Kensington Hospice near PMH.  It looks like a really nice place and it’s run by volunteers who will make whatever food you want.

When I went down to get my meds again after I visited Maria, the lady at the order desk told me that they wouldn’t be ready until 2:00.  I decided to leave and see if my husband would mind picking them up after work.

I went to meet James and had a nicoise salad at a nice place near his gorgeous penthouse suite.  I loved his condo…beautiful view of the lake and so tastefully decorated.  And so close to the market where he can buy fresh food.  What a great location.  I always thought it would be nice to live near there.

At 2:20 I thought I’d better hurry and get home because the kids were going to come home at 3:00.  I parked my car on King Street (no stopping from 4:00-6:00 during rush hour).  

 I got in the car and try to start it.  Nothing.  “Oh sh*&%”, I thought.  I didn’t renew the CAA membership which came in the mail this week ‘cause I was running low on funds this month.  Please I hope my membership did not expire yet!  Lucky for me,  James had his cell phone and I called CAA (membership good until Nov. 30).  Whew!  They would come in about an hour.  “Time for that Belgium Waffle I wanted and didn’t have time for” I told James.  We went back in the restaurant and had a tea and shared a Belgium waffle with strawberries/apples and chantilly whipped cream.  Never had a light tasting waffle like that before.  It was absolutely divine.

Meanwhile, as we sat right next to the window, what do I see as I’m eating this scrumptious dessert?  A freaking cop.  “Sh*&(%” , I said as I go running out the restaurant door.  He turns around and faces me…. waiting for a confrontation, since he had just finished putting a yellow parking violation ticket on a blue cars window.  “Not my car” I yell.  “The one in front is mine…but I have a problem; it won’t start.”  He went to the windshield of my car and saw the Handicapped Parking Permit.  I figured he was going to question me since I look so good so I said…Cancer.

He said, “I’m sorry”.  I said, “That’s okay…my car is dead, but I’m not”.  He laughed at me.  

I asked him what do I do at 4:00 when it’s rush hour if I can’t get my car out of here…. CAA was on their way.  He told me to just put up the hood of my car and don’t worry about it, and have a good day.

First meter maid cop I actually liked.  Back to my dessert.

CAA came shortly thereafter.  My car started as soon as he started fiddling around with the battery.  He looked at me like I was wasting his time.  “I swear it was dead when I tried starting it”, I told him.  “Well, it’s working fine now”, he answered.  “But it wasn’t before”, I told him.  He told me to put on my headlights and my car went dead.  “Ha!”, I thought, “See I’m not that crazy”.  He checked the battery which was fine, so he said it was probably the alternator.  Couldn’t guarantee I’d get home and did I want a tow.  “Yes”, I told him.  Darn good thing I got the Premium Plus Service when I went on vacation this summer (because they will tow you up to 200 km).  The guy hitched up my car; I said so long to James, and off I went with Amin from Afghanistan in the tow truck.  

I didn’t get it towed to Honda, however, since I’m sure I have been blacklisted because I got the Better Business Bureau after them.  Bad Karma.

Amin took me home first, and then he took my car to my mechanic far, far away, in Markham.  I’m told the wiring from my battery to the alternator has corroded.

When I got home the construction guys were having a panic attack because they just laid down the concrete sidewalk in front of my home and it was raining pretty hard.  They ran to put a big tarmac overtop.  It was fun watching them.  Hope my sidewalk looks good tomorrow.  The MPP lives around the corner, if it doesn’t.

I was disappointed to see that the construction workers wreaked my tree in the front yard, …probably with their big, fat cement truck.  There are a couple of hanging broken branches.  I really like my tree and don’t like to see it hurt.  I think they wreaked the foundation of my house too because as I was trying to sleep in the other morning I heard some really loud thumps as they were destroying the old sidewalk, and my bed was bouncing around the room, with me in it.  The windows were rattling too.  

When I went outside, I saw cracks on the side of my house where my father decided to cement it, instead of painting it WHITE like I ASKED HIM TOO.  He phoned me the other night and told me that my uncle said I shouldn’t paint it white…I should just leave it the cement colour.  Do you believe that?  Whose house is it anyway?  Really?  Don’t even ask me how pissed I am about this new development.  I am now going to have to hire a stucco/painter to redo the side of my house because it looks like crap.  Don’t get me wrong, I love my father, but sometimes he drives me to drink.  It kind of reminds me of the time I just bought my house and after I went to play recreation volleyball, I came home to see all of my 9 pointy trees got their heads chopped off because my father decided that it was better that way.  I sat in my backyard and cried amongst the heads of the trees.  I can not tell you how much money I spend replacing each one of those trees, but I can tell you that 3 of them on the north side of my backyard cost me at least $1,000.  My father’s blunders are expensive and I don’t like it!  Wonder how much the side of my house is going to cost me.  And I may even have to wait till the spring, when it gets warmer.  I hate that grey cement colour and now it’s going to haunt me all winter!  And it rubs off like chalk when I touch it.  Enough of that.

Anyhow, it’s almost 1:00 a.m. and I should be going to bed soon.  I started tallying all my expenditures this week…$270 chocolate bars (don’t even ask), $350 children’s dentist, $50 school photos, $1600 medicine, whatever the car is going to cost me and a couple of other things.  “You’d better pay for CAA”, my husband said.  “Yeah, yeah”, I told him”…and I think I will need to take a look at getting a cell phone real soon too”.  “Could things get any worse?” I asked him.  “Yes”, he said.  And I was walking down the hallway, I said “Sh#**&5”  again.  I felt a bubble under my tongue. “It can’t be, I thought.  “Not now”.  But it was, atlas, another crappy side effect of the chemo drug.  Mouth sores.  How is this possible?  I haven’t taken the drugs in over what, ten days.  Why now?  The nurse did tell me to brush my mouth with baking soda.  Now I know why.  I found my organic baking soda without aluminum in it (did you know it contained that?).  The mouth sore shrank as quickly as it appeared, thank heavens.  I hope tomorrow is a better day.



I think I need to get to bed.


Pirate Pete and My Aching Feet

Drove my dad to the eye doctor who gave him an eye patch.  We now call him Pirate Pete.  All he needs is a pirate hat and he’s all ready for hallowe’en.

Bobo made turkey dinner with all the fix’ns for my family and his.  I was doing okay until it was dinner time when my feet started feeling a bit weird.  I ignored it and kept bringing the food out until the pain was so persistent, I had to stop and go to my room to check it out.  I took off my socks and could not believe my bloody eyes.  My foot looked exactly like the picture on that Xeloda pamphlet….the one that said SEVERE…STOP taking medication.  It felt like I stuck my feet in a vat of acid.  My feet were so red and yellow and horrible looking that it really freaked me out.  “Those can’t be mine”, I thought.  And it was so very painful to walk.  I slathered a whole bunch of cream on my feet, hoping the pain would go away.  I went back to the living room to eat, but had to stay off my feet for the rest of the day because I couldn’t stand it.  I stopped taking the chemo drugs until I could speak to someone.  I knew no one would be available at the Nurses Station because of the holiday on Monday.

My feet looked better by Tuesday, and so my nurse told me to get back on the drugs because we had to push it as far as we could.  I took my evening dose and my Wednesday morning dose too, but then by dinner time, my feet flared up again and I couldn’t walk.  I was also having trouble breathing when I went to lie down in the afternoon.  The heart doctor told me that that might happen.  At around 6:30, my calves were killing me, and that was when I was lying down.

The last time that happened to me when I was on chemo, I remember my LTD nurse telling me I had to get my legs checked out for DVT (deep vein thrombosis).  “Great,” I thought, “I’m about to have an pulmonary embolism.”  Bobo hadn’t come home yet as I was deciding what to do.  I felt weird calling for an ambulance even though I couldn’t exactly walk.  I phoned my friend Angela who lives nearby.  She knows a lot about hospitals since she works at one.   She came over quickly and took me to the General Hospital.  Oh how I hate that place.  We spent 2 1/2 hours there only to discover that they didn’t have a technician available to do an ultrasound on my legs.  It was 9:30 by that time.

Angela (who owns a cell and yes, I am going to buy one soon) phoned one of the downtown hospitals to see if they had a technician available.  They did, but only until 11:00.  We figured by the time we drove downtown and were seen, the technician would be gone, so we just ended up going home.

I phoned PMH the next day.  My nurse told me we had to get an ultrasound done….it could be muscle cramps which could happen on this medication or DVT.  She wanted me to come downtown but I told her I couldn’t drive or walk anywhere.  I phoned my family doctor and asked her to make an appt. for an ultrasound me nearby.  I saw someone at 5:00.  He told me there were no blood clots in my legs.

I kind of figured that out this morning because I woke up and wasn’t dead yet.

Interestingly enough, The General Hospital phoned me the next day and asked me why I left.  “That’s new”, I told her.  Usually they don’t care when I take off (I’ve done this before).  She said they are making an effort to improve the quality of their care.  I pretty much told her I hated that hospital.  They didn’t have a technician available to ultrasound my legs for DVT, so there really wasn’t any point staying there.  She told me I should go on the hospital’s web-site and file a complaint.

Guess who’s going to get an ear full now?

Let’s see, what should I complain about?

How ’bout how I had a mastectomy and they didn’t bother assigning me a nurse all night?   Could have died and no one would have been the wiser.

Or how about when I was having heart issues and no one was in the Triage area for 10-15 minutes and even after I told them my history, the woman still sent me to the waiting room (after taking my blood pressure with my fall jacket on).  I got my husband to take me to Mount Sinai where they had me hooked me up to a heart machine within 5 minutes.

Or how about when I was having my weirdo seizure thing after I had a stroke/TIA, and the triage screamed at me that I WAS NOT HAVING A SEIZURE and to STOP THAT.

The lady on the telephone told me to make sure I put in all the dates.

And the question is…. do I bother?

My Battle With Honda


After my appalling morning dealing with my dad injuring his eyes, I needed to relieve some pent up stress.

So what did I do when I got home?  Lashed out at Parkway Honda.  I was really tired of dealing with them because they didn’t really seem to give a crap about compensating me for their stupidity.  Since I was not getting anywhere after repeated visits and telephone calls from both myself and my husband, I decided I didn’t really care about being compensated, I just wanted to get even.

So I took up my cause with the internet and started finding sites where I could unleash my frustration and started writing quite the sarcastic comments.  I found some “Rate My Dealership” and gave them a bad rating/comment.

Since I was on a roll, I continued and wrote this to the Service Managers Boss (and yes, I used the “Cancer Card”:

Absolutely deplorable service.

Winter Tune-Up…2 days later battery is dead; had to call CAA to install a new battery

Car detailing…1 mat missing.

Another service…flat tire after I left.

Car part recalled…mechanic nicked another line forcing me to come back to get it fixed, made the situation worse by installing a universal clamp. I had to go to another mechanic and get the whole line and clamp replaced.

I was promised compensation for the battery (over 3 weeks ago)  in the mail which never materialized  ($130).  Your Customer Service Manager, didn’t answer repeated calls from my husband.  I have come to Pkwy Honda 3 times, left messages.  No answer.

This is really ridiculous.  I am undergoing radiation/chemotherapy treatments at this time and don’t need the added stress.

I would like an immediate response or you can come and visit me at my home to solve this problem.  I’m tired of coming to Parkway Honda to deal with this mess.


That felt better but I didn’t stop there.  Then I contacted the Better Business Bureau, registered a complaint, and when I was finished, I sent my letter to both the Service Manager and his boss.

Better Business Bureau

Deplorable service.  Two days after winter tune up, battery was dead in my driveway.  Had to call CAA to install a new battery.  Was promised $130 compensation; have yet to get the cheque despite frequent visits and phone calls to service manager

Other complaints in the past include:

1.  Car detailing (one mat missing),

2.  Flat Tire after having it serviced there

  1. Car Part Recalled, mechanic nicked another line forcing me to come back to get this new problem fixed, they made the situation worse by using a universal clamp instead of a Honda clamp.  I had to go to another mechanic and get the whole line/clamp replaced.

How would you like this matter resolved?

1.  $154 new battery

2.  New car mat to replace the one they lost

3.  $150 Power Steering Hose/Clamp and Labour

I feel a whole lot better now.  I wonder how the Honda Dealership is doing?

Pat on head with shovel

My Crazy Father Is Going To Give Me A Heart Attack Story

Friday, October 11, 2013


This turned out to be a day I will not soon forgot.

Another story about my crazy father, who drives me crazy.

I was suppose to go to my older sister’s house today (P.A. Day) because she wanted me to bring the kids to go to High Park and do some scavenger hunt/take photos or something like that.  This was despite my telling her that I was not feeling so hot and not to forget that I just had radiation and was in the midst of chemo treatment and might not be up to it.  She told me I could sit in the car if I wasn’t feeling well.  I told her that sounded like a lot of fun for me.   My morning went something like this….

My lunatic father arrived at my house at 7:15 in the morning to paint the side of my house.  Why?  Let me try to explain.

On Wednesday he showed up at my house when the gasman came to service my furnace, and to hook up our dryer/ stove.  My father is RELENTLESS when someone comes to service anything at anyone’s home.  He follows them around to make sure they are not being lazy, lest he has to pay them more.  He used to work for Consumers Gas and thinks he knows everything about gas.

I swear he almost blew my house up when I first bought my house (another story that’s probably in one of my previous posts…if not remind me and I will tell you about that memorable experience).  Anyhow, back to the story.  He was following the service guy like a puppy until I finally had to tell him about 5 times to leave the poor guy alone.  I was sure the guy was going to quit and I would not have a damn stove to cook my turkey dinner on for Thanksgiving week-end.  I told my dad to leave him alone.  When that didn’t seem to make a difference, I gave my dad a job to do.  “Here”, I told him, “Go paint the side of the house.”  That seemed to stall him for a while.  He went outside, momentarily.  I was hopeful my tactic worked…that he would be too preoccupied to drive the gasman crazy.  Then my dad came back in.  He decided he that the wall needed some cement to fill in the cracks before it was to be painted, so he wasn’t going to do it today….he’d come back another time.  So much for that.

He started following the serviceman again, literally peering right over his shoulder.  “Dad”, I said, “What the heck are you doing?  Leave the poor guy alone”  I kept repeating over and over again.  Why the concern?

You see, in the past, we have hired people to service his house and they usually run away screaming for their lives.  Last year when I commissioned my gasman to fix his furnace, the guy left.  When I phoned him to ask him what happened, he told me my dad was crazy and to never phone him again.  My dad told me he was a crook, he wanted money and he never did anything.  My dad does not seem to understand the concept that you have to pay people around $150 to enter your house and diagnose what the problem is.  Then if they need to install parts/or fix whatever the problem is, that there is additional labour charges on top of that.  Well, my father was not having any of that and kicked the guy out of his house.  So nothing was fixed.  And the scary thing is, he has done this countless times before.

I was going to kill him if my stove wasn’t hooked up before Thanksgiving because of him.

I think my dad eventually got the hint, ‘cause he eventually hauled the stove outside on top of his truck (with the aid of the gasman) and left.  I swear there was a big sigh of relief from me when my dad left and the gasman was still here.

I am told my dad delivered it to my uncle’s house.  I’m not sure why, since I had intended that he remove his old identical stove and replace it with mine since my burners still light when you turn it on.  My mother has to light hers with a match….every time.  Don’t ask me.  I don’t understand it myself.  My parents could have had a stove that worked properly, but noooooo!

Back to the drama which was about to unfold.

I get up and start making breakfast.   I hear this weird sound coming from outside the kitchen window.  I have no idea what my crazy father is doing and decided not to investigate.  I figured if I didn’t know, I wouldn’t loose my mind.  I called my dad to come in to have breakfast.  He sits down and is tearing up.  “What’s wrong?”, I asked him.  “I got something in my eyes”, he responded.  “How did you do that?” I asked.  “I was sanding down the wall and I didn’t have my safety goggles on”.

And the day went quickly downhill from there!

I was already feeling crappy that day, but this situation made me feel a whole lot worse.  I was terrified my father did something terrible to his eyes.  My heart did not feel okay so I went to get my heart monitor.  I hooked it up.  My blood pressure was 45.  Usually at 60, I’m on the ground.  But I think my adrenaline was kicking in and it began to get my heart pumping more quickly.  I telephoned Telehealth.

So as I’m talking to some nurse on the phone, my sister is phoning me asking me when I was going to come over with the kids, and my dad is outside screaming there is stuff in his eyes and to hurry up and go to Shopper’s Drug Mart and get some eye wash for him.  I think I kind of lost it at that point.  My sister got an earful from me…I’m not sure what I said exactly but it was something about my f*$!# family driving me nuts and why can’t everyone just leave me alone?

At this point I was in a panic and didn’t know what to do.  Telehealth asked me if there was anyone there that could drive me to the hospital.  “Yeah”, I thought, “Sure there is, but he is blind”.  I lied and told her I was on my way to the General Hospital.  Then I phoned my optometrist and asked them if I could bring my father in right away.  They said, “Yes” and I screamed at everyone to “Get in the Car”.  Off we went.

When I got there, I was so relieved.  At least my dad would get taken care of.  I was holding myself on the counter.  I almost told the secretary that if I dropped, just call an ambulance.  I sat down with the kids who were prepared with their ipad/pod to play while they waited.  “Give me that Ipad” I told Katrina.  “Why?”, she asked.  “If I play one of those games you have, that will distract me from thinking about Nonno’s eyes”, I told her.  She gave me the Ipad grudgingly.  My dad went in.  The doctor came out and told me that he would be alright, but it would take a bit of time to heal.

My dad told him he was alright after the doctor put drops into his eyes and washed it out about 4 times.  He lied.

My eye doctor gave me his cell number and told me that if he wasn’t better tomorrow, to phone him.  One of his associates was working that Saturday and could examine his eyes again if they continued to bother him.  Feeling relieved, we left.  I drove my dad home and told him my husband and I would drive his truck home later from my house.

The next day, Saturday, my dad phoned.  I asked him how his eyes were, and he lied to me.  Told me they were okay.  But they weren’t.  I didn’t find that out until around 4:00 when my younger sister phoned me and told me that our dad was at home with one of his eyes swollen shut.  He was suppose to be at my younger sister’s house for her son’s a birthday party.  Only my mom and older sister arrived.

I phoned my eye doctor who told me to get my dad into the hospital.  It should not have been swollen.  He may be having an allergic reaction to the polysporin eye ointment.  We would have to probably wait a couple of hours in emergency, but someone would have to see him.

Off my family went to pick up my dad who was waiting at the door.  I’m sure his eye must have been really hurting him a lot for him to jump into my car to take him to the hospital.  We went to his local hospital.

After about 2 1/2 hours in emergency, I decided to drive my kids to Vaughn for my nephew’s birthday party, eat, and grab some food for my husband and father to take back to the hospital.  By the time I got back to the hospital, they had already left, so I went to wait for them at Nonno’s house.  They arrived 5 minutes later, ate, and then we left.  My dad had another appt. with another eye doctor the next day.


The Dragon Lady Strikes Again

The Dragon Lady Strikes Again

Boy that Dragon Lady is a real piece of work.

Not only did she NOT tell us (my husband and I) that the plan they were going to put me on was one of the same chemo drugs  that didn’t work on me before; neither did she tell us that it was going to wreak my heart again.

No, I had to find that out today from my new heart Doctor (who the Dragon Lady said I should see because he was doing research on patients with heart problems due to chemo. and it would be in my best interest to be followed by him because of my heart history).

So from what I understand, this stupid oral chemo drug (6 pills a day) I’m on called Xeloda is pretty much the same concoction as the intravenous chemo drug that stopped my heart dead at treatment number 5 in 2010.  Luckily, I survived that one.  So now this cardiac guy is going to put me on two more medications to prevent my heart from going belly up again.  It’s suppose to “protect my heart” from the side effects of chemo.  He told me not very many people get heart failure on this drug (2%), but because I did before, I am definitely going to get it again.

Guess what the #1 killer of cancer patients is?

#1.  Heart Issues.

#2. Malnutrition

#3  is from the actual cancer….if you ever last long enough to get to that point.

More good news from the heart doctor.  Unfortunately for me, I have low blood pressure and the chemo. drugs are going to make it lower.  And the bisoprolol, a drug that he wants me go on, will also make my blood pressure even lower.  And the ACE inhibitor that he would also like me to go on eventually, will also make my blood pressure lower.  In other words,  I’ll be lucky to be standing with 3 medications that lower my already low blood pressure.

So what does that mean for me?  An excellent chance for Congestive Heart Failure again and a few more exciting trips to the hospital as I flop to the ground when my blood pressure dips.

I am livid.

I need to have a good  talk to my LTD oncology nurse to calm me down.

How is this any worse than going on Tamoxifen and possible having another TIA?  They are still killing my heart.  Pick your poison…congestion heart failure with the chemo drugs or having a possible stroke with the tamoxifen?  The heart guy said that it is not standard protocol to go back on Tamoxifen if you had a TIA in the past.

I don’t know what to think.


Taken Out to Pasture

Friday, September 27

I got the shock of my life when I went in to get my shots; paid my $2,600 at the pharmacy, and went to see my oncologist (who was not there).  I told the receptionist I did not want to see the Dragon Lady.  I was not prepared.  I did not have anyone with me.  All I wanted was to see my nurse, get my shots and get the heck out of there.  That did not happen.

When I went in, my needle nurse told me I would only be getting one shot (Xgeva for my bones) and I was now going to be on Palliative Chemo.  She told me to go back to the pharmacy and return the other shots.  I was floored.  My husband and I both saw the Dragon Lady the last time and all she said was that I had to have a CT Scan to see if my organs were clear.  I knew they were clear because I had the results from my LTD nurse.  There was no mention about going on Palliative Chemo.  I asked to see someone else.  The Fellow just said my treatment plan changed.  He also told me to make sure I lubricated my hands and feet with cream when I was on this treatment because I may get Hand/Foot Syndrome, and to buy some nausea pills and Imodium too (to stop the puking and the diarrhea I may encounter as well).   That’s all I need.

I took a look at the pamphlet I was given.  It showed what can happen to you on this medication.  “Holy crap, that better not happen to my feet,” I thought as I glanced at the paper.  That is really scary.  Painful red/yellow claw-like feet.  He said my hands/feet may blister and the skin may peel off.  That went over well, let me tell you.

I really wanted to speak to my oncologist but he is doing some research abroad and wasn’t around.  I don’t want to be on this.

I feel like a sick race horse being taken out to pasture.


Wednesday, October 2, 2013

I spoke to my oncologist.  He said the drugs are not working anymore.  There was no point in trying to stop the estrogen receptors because the tumours in my spine are still growing.  So he wants to try to keep them at bay with this chemo drug.  I was to start on Saturday and see him on the 25th.  There was no discussion about ever stopping this drug.

Chemo with no end in sight….doesn’t that sound that promising, does it?

Funny Face and Palliative Chemo.

I was kind of thinking I got off scott free last week because my back wasn’t really hurting much since the radiation treatments.  However, today is a different story.

It hurts like hell.

It started hurting 2 days ago when my children convinced me to go door to door selling chocolates for their school.  “Come on, Mom”, Katrina badgered me.  “My class is counting on me to win the class pizza party prize”.  I think I’d rather give her $50 to she can buy it for them.  But no like a stupid idiot, off I went.  First trolling down the street in my car…later walking with them.  Jumper, our cat, decided she wanted to go selling chocolate bars too because she started following us to all the houses.

I think a big part of the problem with my back today is that I sprinted across the street like madwoman, when ‘Funny Face” (a mean, male cat who lives around the corner) started attacking Jumper.  A car honked their horn alerting us to the danger Jumper was in.  Just as I ran there, I managed to divert Funny Face’s attention long enough for Jumper to run like hell towards my kids who began screaming, scaring Jumper even more.  She dashed into someone’s backyard.  You should have seen the look of astonishment from the owner’s face as she was trying to purchase one of those chocolate bars.  “Sorry”, I told her, amid the ruccas.  “My cat is hiding in your backyard,” as Funny Face and me tore by.  She will probably never open her door when someone is knocking ever again.

Couldn’t find Jumper.  Was hoping Funny Face lost her too.

She’s okay though.  She showed up in one piece at our place a couple of hours later.  Actually, I think Bobo found her down the street and brought her home.

Bloody chocolate bars sales are going to kill me.

Not a good idea to run  around when 2 of your vertebrae are mushy from radiation treatments.  It will take a couple of months for the radiation to kill the cancer and for my bones to regenerate themselves.  In the meantime, I must fight off the urge to be Wonder Woman to save  my cat.  She will have to fend for herself.

Thank heavens I didn’t have to go far yesterday to sell those chocolate bars.  We just went to my school and hounded my colleagues.  Gotta love them.  We sold about 50 bars in one location.  We’ve got Dairy Milk, Toffee, Mint, and Caramilk.  Unfortunately, another one of my colleagues are also selling chocolate bars (different brand) for only $2.  We bought one from each other and commiserated about being parents of fundraising children.  Isn’t this fun!  Yeah!

Wonder how my staff are going to feel when my kids and I show up again tonight with a new box of chocolate covered almonds!

Unbeknownst to my sister who lives in Wopville, we are going to visit her tomorrow to sell chocolates in her neighbourhood… after we badger our friends, vendors at the St. Lawrence Market.  My daughter asked for 8 boxes of chocolate with my husbands blessing.  I didn’t know anything about it until she told me to bring the car to school on Wednesday because she had too much to carry.  Eight boxes of chocolate.  That’s 240 chocolate bars.

Let me know if you want to buy any chocolate bars.  We deliver.


Not sure what I am going to do about my back.

When I went to see my doctor on Friday for my shots, I was shocked to discovered that they were no longer going to treat me with the Hormone Drugs to suppress my estrogen (not that I am going to miss those shots in the ass, let me tell you).  I still am getting one shot in the stomach to help my bones regenerate from the radiation treatments.

I am disappointed that their new thinking is to put me on palliative chemo.  I feel like I am an old horse being put out to pasture.

I refused to see the Dragon Lady on Friday and saw a Fellow instead.  He wasn’t much help and I cried all the way home anyway.  No one warned me about this change.  Stupid Dragon Lady should have told me the last time when Bobo was with me…even my husband was surprised at this change.

I went to get my shots from the pharmacist and took them to my appointment and was shocked that I had to take them back.  I then had to wait for my new drugs.  I was there for almost 6 hours and I was freaking out because I wanted to get home before the kids did at 3:00.  Not a good day.

My oncologist is apparently going to be doing some sort of research for the next 3 months and probably will not be able to see me much.  I phoned his secretary and the nurses station at PMH and told them I am not taking anything until I talk to him.  The chemo. drugs sat on my kitchen counter for 5-6 days until I finally spoke to him.  I wanted to make sure I exhausted all other avenues before I decided this one was the way to go.  Chemo is quite toxic and hard on your body.  The side effects of the one they are putting me on include fatigue, mouth sores, and blistering hands and feet.  They provided me with lotion (which contained many toxic ingredients in it I stay away from since I got cancer) and I was told to make sure I moisturize my hands/feet frequently.  I went to the Natural Food store to buy some better lotion.

My platelets are pretty low because of the radiation treatment and the fatigue factor has finally set in.  I can’t seem to stay alert after dinner and find myself going to sleep.  I think it’s going to be compounded when I start taking the chemo. drug on Saturday.  Two weeks on, one week off.  My oncologist told me that he thought the dosage I was given was too strong, and to go from 8 pills a day to 6.  And they are those horse size pills too.  Not fun.  This better work.  If I start developing tumours in my tissues/organs, it’s going to get considerably worse.

My back hurts.

Damn that stupid cat Funny Face.

I like his owner though…he bought a chocolate bar.

Thought you’d might get a kick out of some of these cat cartoons.  The Watcha doin? one looks exactly like Jumper, and the Cat with the Shoes looks like Funny Face.

watcha doing cheetos wherermynuts invisible$1000checkcat boots mittens