Funny Face and Palliative Chemo.

I was kind of thinking I got off scott free last week because my back wasn’t really hurting much since the radiation treatments.  However, today is a different story.

It hurts like hell.

It started hurting 2 days ago when my children convinced me to go door to door selling chocolates for their school.  “Come on, Mom”, Katrina badgered me.  “My class is counting on me to win the class pizza party prize”.  I think I’d rather give her $50 to she can buy it for them.  But no like a stupid idiot, off I went.  First trolling down the street in my car…later walking with them.  Jumper, our cat, decided she wanted to go selling chocolate bars too because she started following us to all the houses.

I think a big part of the problem with my back today is that I sprinted across the street like madwoman, when ‘Funny Face” (a mean, male cat who lives around the corner) started attacking Jumper.  A car honked their horn alerting us to the danger Jumper was in.  Just as I ran there, I managed to divert Funny Face’s attention long enough for Jumper to run like hell towards my kids who began screaming, scaring Jumper even more.  She dashed into someone’s backyard.  You should have seen the look of astonishment from the owner’s face as she was trying to purchase one of those chocolate bars.  “Sorry”, I told her, amid the ruccas.  “My cat is hiding in your backyard,” as Funny Face and me tore by.  She will probably never open her door when someone is knocking ever again.

Couldn’t find Jumper.  Was hoping Funny Face lost her too.

She’s okay though.  She showed up in one piece at our place a couple of hours later.  Actually, I think Bobo found her down the street and brought her home.

Bloody chocolate bars sales are going to kill me.

Not a good idea to run  around when 2 of your vertebrae are mushy from radiation treatments.  It will take a couple of months for the radiation to kill the cancer and for my bones to regenerate themselves.  In the meantime, I must fight off the urge to be Wonder Woman to save  my cat.  She will have to fend for herself.

Thank heavens I didn’t have to go far yesterday to sell those chocolate bars.  We just went to my school and hounded my colleagues.  Gotta love them.  We sold about 50 bars in one location.  We’ve got Dairy Milk, Toffee, Mint, and Caramilk.  Unfortunately, another one of my colleagues are also selling chocolate bars (different brand) for only $2.  We bought one from each other and commiserated about being parents of fundraising children.  Isn’t this fun!  Yeah!

Wonder how my staff are going to feel when my kids and I show up again tonight with a new box of chocolate covered almonds!

Unbeknownst to my sister who lives in Wopville, we are going to visit her tomorrow to sell chocolates in her neighbourhood… after we badger our friends, vendors at the St. Lawrence Market.  My daughter asked for 8 boxes of chocolate with my husbands blessing.  I didn’t know anything about it until she told me to bring the car to school on Wednesday because she had too much to carry.  Eight boxes of chocolate.  That’s 240 chocolate bars.

Let me know if you want to buy any chocolate bars.  We deliver.


Not sure what I am going to do about my back.

When I went to see my doctor on Friday for my shots, I was shocked to discovered that they were no longer going to treat me with the Hormone Drugs to suppress my estrogen (not that I am going to miss those shots in the ass, let me tell you).  I still am getting one shot in the stomach to help my bones regenerate from the radiation treatments.

I am disappointed that their new thinking is to put me on palliative chemo.  I feel like I am an old horse being put out to pasture.

I refused to see the Dragon Lady on Friday and saw a Fellow instead.  He wasn’t much help and I cried all the way home anyway.  No one warned me about this change.  Stupid Dragon Lady should have told me the last time when Bobo was with me…even my husband was surprised at this change.

I went to get my shots from the pharmacist and took them to my appointment and was shocked that I had to take them back.  I then had to wait for my new drugs.  I was there for almost 6 hours and I was freaking out because I wanted to get home before the kids did at 3:00.  Not a good day.

My oncologist is apparently going to be doing some sort of research for the next 3 months and probably will not be able to see me much.  I phoned his secretary and the nurses station at PMH and told them I am not taking anything until I talk to him.  The chemo. drugs sat on my kitchen counter for 5-6 days until I finally spoke to him.  I wanted to make sure I exhausted all other avenues before I decided this one was the way to go.  Chemo is quite toxic and hard on your body.  The side effects of the one they are putting me on include fatigue, mouth sores, and blistering hands and feet.  They provided me with lotion (which contained many toxic ingredients in it I stay away from since I got cancer) and I was told to make sure I moisturize my hands/feet frequently.  I went to the Natural Food store to buy some better lotion.

My platelets are pretty low because of the radiation treatment and the fatigue factor has finally set in.  I can’t seem to stay alert after dinner and find myself going to sleep.  I think it’s going to be compounded when I start taking the chemo. drug on Saturday.  Two weeks on, one week off.  My oncologist told me that he thought the dosage I was given was too strong, and to go from 8 pills a day to 6.  And they are those horse size pills too.  Not fun.  This better work.  If I start developing tumours in my tissues/organs, it’s going to get considerably worse.

My back hurts.

Damn that stupid cat Funny Face.

I like his owner though…he bought a chocolate bar.

Thought you’d might get a kick out of some of these cat cartoons.  The Watcha doin? one looks exactly like Jumper, and the Cat with the Shoes looks like Funny Face.

watcha doing cheetos wherermynuts invisible$1000checkcat boots mittens

2 thoughts on “Funny Face and Palliative Chemo.

  1. Maria,

    I will give $20.00 to Cathy and your kids and her’s can split them, I don’t want them cause I will eat them all.


    On Fri, Oct 4, 2013 at 10:54 AM, If The Cancer Doesn’t Kill You, The Nurses

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