My Battle With Honda


After my appalling morning dealing with my dad injuring his eyes, I needed to relieve some pent up stress.

So what did I do when I got home?  Lashed out at Parkway Honda.  I was really tired of dealing with them because they didn’t really seem to give a crap about compensating me for their stupidity.  Since I was not getting anywhere after repeated visits and telephone calls from both myself and my husband, I decided I didn’t really care about being compensated, I just wanted to get even.

So I took up my cause with the internet and started finding sites where I could unleash my frustration and started writing quite the sarcastic comments.  I found some “Rate My Dealership” and gave them a bad rating/comment.

Since I was on a roll, I continued and wrote this to the Service Managers Boss (and yes, I used the “Cancer Card”:

Absolutely deplorable service.

Winter Tune-Up…2 days later battery is dead; had to call CAA to install a new battery

Car detailing…1 mat missing.

Another service…flat tire after I left.

Car part recalled…mechanic nicked another line forcing me to come back to get it fixed, made the situation worse by installing a universal clamp. I had to go to another mechanic and get the whole line and clamp replaced.

I was promised compensation for the battery (over 3 weeks ago)  in the mail which never materialized  ($130).  Your Customer Service Manager, didn’t answer repeated calls from my husband.  I have come to Pkwy Honda 3 times, left messages.  No answer.

This is really ridiculous.  I am undergoing radiation/chemotherapy treatments at this time and don’t need the added stress.

I would like an immediate response or you can come and visit me at my home to solve this problem.  I’m tired of coming to Parkway Honda to deal with this mess.


That felt better but I didn’t stop there.  Then I contacted the Better Business Bureau, registered a complaint, and when I was finished, I sent my letter to both the Service Manager and his boss.

Better Business Bureau

Deplorable service.  Two days after winter tune up, battery was dead in my driveway.  Had to call CAA to install a new battery.  Was promised $130 compensation; have yet to get the cheque despite frequent visits and phone calls to service manager

Other complaints in the past include:

1.  Car detailing (one mat missing),

2.  Flat Tire after having it serviced there

  1. Car Part Recalled, mechanic nicked another line forcing me to come back to get this new problem fixed, they made the situation worse by using a universal clamp instead of a Honda clamp.  I had to go to another mechanic and get the whole line/clamp replaced.

How would you like this matter resolved?

1.  $154 new battery

2.  New car mat to replace the one they lost

3.  $150 Power Steering Hose/Clamp and Labour

I feel a whole lot better now.  I wonder how the Honda Dealership is doing?

Pat on head with shovel

2 thoughts on “My Battle With Honda

  1. Good for you Maria you are awesome girl, I hate dealerships myself, they are nothing but a bunch of crooks…………


    On Mon, Oct 21, 2013 at 2:54 PM, If The Cancer Doesn’t Kill You, The Nurses

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