Round 2 (Chemo + Honda)

Just finished my Chemo. Treatment Round 2.

Would like to say that it went off without a hitch, but it didn’t.  However, this time I was more prepared because I already experienced the same kind of side effects as Round 1.  I was suppose to be on the xeloda for 14 days.  Day 2, I couldn’t get out of bed; I was dreadfully tired.  I only made it to Day 5 when my feet started to burn again; so I had to go off my meds. for a couple of days to wait for it to subside.  My heart is getting messed up too.  I’m getting chest pains and irregular heartbeats again.

I guess in total I only really got 9/14 Days worth of the treatment this time.  I also experienced 3 days of migraines which I’m not sure was due to our weather or whether I have a brain tumour.  I’m afraid to mention that one to my doctor on Friday, in case they send me for more tests.  I don’t want to know, really I don’t.  Sometimes ignorance is bliss.

I also am not sure whether I need to tell them that the back of my head and neck are full of hives….either I’m allergic to the chemo. or I’ve got lice….or maybe it was Peter’s velour pillowcase which I was sleeping on and am allergic to it.  Checked my head with the lice comb and didn’t find anything alive in there, so I’m going for the allergic pillow excuse.  I don’t want to entertain the thought of being allergic to the Xeloda because I think the other chemo. drugs they may have in mind for me are worse and they are all intravenous (Xeloda is a pill).  I cannot even imagine having another pic. line inserted in my arm.  Bad memories of hives on my arm and one cow glove whenever I had to shower.  I would do anything not to go through that again.

I’m going to ask my oncologist to keep me in mind for any clinical trials.


I decided to go after Honda for another $150.00.  Here’s my most recent letter to them.

I wanted to let you know that I received a check from your Honda dealership with regards to the battery problem I experienced after having a tune up at your dealership.

However, there are still two existing issues which need to be addressed.

1.  My missing car mat after detailing work was done on my car

2.  Problems with my car due to servicing  on March 27, 2013 (L54 Recall; installation of an updated power steering feed)

In the spring, I noticed something leaking from my car on my driveway and took my car to an ex-honda mechanic.  He asked me if I had taken my car in for a Power Steering recall recently because a line had been nicked in that location.  He then told me that I shouldn’t have to pay to get it fixed and to take it back to Honda and tell them to fix it.

I took my car back to Honda and told them about the nicked line.  When I went to pick up my car, the customer service rep. told me that the line wasn’t the problem, it was a clamp (which they replaced free of charge).  I brought my vehicle home only to find that the leak on my driveway was significantly worse over the next few days.

I returned my car to my mechanic and asked him to take a look at it.  I was told that the dealership took away my Honda Power Steering Hose Clamp and replaced it with a Universal Clamp that had groves in it that made the situation worse.  At this point, I did not have any time to go back to Honda (as I was driving to New York), nor did I have any confidence whatsoever that they would do the right thing, so I instructed my new mechanic to fix the whole thing. I was shown the damage from the clamp and the nick in the Power Steering Line after it was taken off of my car.

Please see attachment for this bill totaling $150.  I don’t see why I should have to pay for something your mechanics did to my car during the recall.

To add insult to injury, when I took my car in for an oil/filter change and car detailing service, I was told that I needed a lot of work on my car to the tune of $1,600.00.  I found it interesting that one of the “necessary” jobs included the flushing of the power steering fluid.  I thought that was ironic since that service was just completed on my car and all the parts were brand new.  When I asked the employee why that specific job needed to be done and he said, “Because it was “black”.  My new mechanic laughed when I told him that one because he said it was impossible to tell and that it is always black.

If you are unable to help me with the concerns I have addressed in this letter, I would really appreciate the names and email addresses to someone who can.



3 thoughts on “Round 2 (Chemo + Honda)

  1. It’s good you are speaking up about this. It sounds like incompetent mechanics. Their supervisor should be checking their work more carefully. It’s good you’ve all the facts in order. I wonder how the dealership will respond? They first should be apologizing profusely & then a financial settlement for the damage done.

    “Carpe Diem” Sent from my iPhone

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