Dear Santa

My oncologist wasn’t there again yesterday when I went for my appointment on Friday so I requested the Mexican doctor again.  I really like him.

Told my needle nurse I was experiencing hand/foot syndrome and heart problems again (when I wake up I feel like I’m having a heart attack).  She told me to phone my new heart doctor and he would probably give me a Holter Monitor.  I’m not really interested in doing that because that thing doesn’t show much anyway.  I know I have irregular heart beats and the times when they occur.  Big deal.  It’s just an inconvenient gadget I get to carry around with me for 2 days.  I’m more interested in finding out my ejection fraction rate (how strong my heart is pumping) because I don’t want to have heart failure again.  It was a measly 42% a few weeks go and that was before the chemo. drugs.  It’s suppose to be at 55%.  That’s a bit disconcerting.  I’m hoping that the drug Bisoperol he put me on is helping with that.  The good thing is I haven’t flopped to the ground during the day because I’m taking it at night!

The doctor told me they were going to try one more round of chemo. and then check my spine to see if the tumours are still growing.  If they aren’t growing, I stay on Xeloda.  If they are, I’m going to be put on another chemo. drug, but it will be an I.V. one, not a pill. I’m hoping that my tumours have stabilized because quite frankly, I don’t want to be bald over the winter on some other drug.   I have a sneaking suspicion it will be Taxol (no hair, black fingernails) because I met someone else like me who couldn’t tolerate the Xeloda and they put her on Taxol next.  Yes, I know “Bald is Beautiful”, but it’s really freakin cold in Canada.

If I have to do an I.V. drug, that also means I would have to have another picc. line or a port, which is something else I don’t relish.  Remember the cow gloves I had to use every time I wanted to take a shower and the purple hives I got to boot?  No thanks.  This chemo I’m on that burns my feet better be torching those bloody spots on my spine too.

I asked my mexican doctor about any upcoming Clinical Trials because I wasn’t exactly loving the side effects I was having with this drug.  He said there are side effects on those trials too.

The good news is that he gave me my report on that other Clinical Trial I was on (called Impact) where they sliced my tumour and analyzed it for DNA markers.   I got the report, but don’t really know what it means.  All I know is that I have a “somatic mutation called PIK3CA C420R (67%)”.  There is a clinical trial going on right now at PMH to figure out appropriate dosage amounts for drug target therapy, but he said we have to exhaust the “standard treatment options first”.  That means chemo.  However I’m hopeful that this means there may be something  else for me in the future that can help me.

My kids are off to the Santa Clause parade today.  I should have written him a note too… Please Santa, I don’t really want to be bald for Christmas!

Christmas Cat dressed up

2 thoughts on “Dear Santa

  1. Yes that is hopeful that there could be another treatment for you with those clinical trial results. I’ll write Santa a letter about this!! See you soon Linda

    “Carpe Diem” Sent from my iPhone

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