Maria O’Kane

It is with great sadness to tell you that my Irish friend, Maria O’Kane, passed away last night at 11:30 p.m.

She truly was an inspiration and affected everyone she knew.  Six years of battling cancer (esphophageal, liver, lung, brain, and lymph nodes); it’s hard to believe she is gone.  She just kept telling the doctors, one by one, when they told her she had 3 months to live that “she didn’t like that plan”.  And I’ll never forget when she said,  “Those damn catholics, why are they afraid of dying if they believe in God?”

I don’t think I have ever met anyone else with such courage, despite the tremendous amount of pain she endured.

There will be no other like Maria O’Kane.  I learned a lot from her.

May she finally find peace and comfort in heaven.

And may she look down upon the rest of us from there and guide us the rest of our lives until we meet again.




6 thoughts on “Maria O’Kane

  1. Dear Maria I’m so sorry to hear of Maria’s passing. What a beautiful tribute you wrote about her. I did not know her well but she left a mark on me…..her shining light inspired me to stay strong & positive through difficult times. Don’t let it rob you of your true spirit. As you said it so well “May she find peace & comfort in heaven”. Love Linda

    “Carpe Diem” Sent from my iPhone

  2. My condolences on Maria’s passing, eventhough we never met her thru you we got a little glimpse into her life. May her inspiration live on in all of us.

    Maria Z

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