This Might Give You Goosebumps

This might give you Goosebumps.

On Monday, after I posted my Tribute to Maria on Facebook plus the photo I took of her at St. Annes Spa, I opened my mail.

One was a letter from this very same Spa informing me that I WON their SPA Lotto Contest for a free Complimentary Caribbean Foot Rejuvenation.  Maria must be pulling some strings from up above.  We had always talked about going again.  We loved being pampered and we loved the food.

Lately, whenever I saw Maria the first thing she would say was, “How are you?”  and I would answer, “My feet are killing me because of the chemo drugs I’m on”.  Maria was a huge fan of foot massages.  My sister would often go over to the hospital/hospice and do this for her.

And now I get a free foot massage in the mail?  Explain that one to me?

Thank you Maria!  You knew I’d laugh when I saw that.

IMG_0379 IMG_0361 IMG_0366

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