A Note From Maria O’Kane’ Husband

I am deeply touched by the many kind comments and tributes being submitted (on Facebook) about Maria. Her family knew her as Marie but in Canada, she was Maria! After so many years together, I’m still amazed at the various people she impacted.

Maria was cremated yesterday and she insisted that there be no viewing or mournful services. In keep with her wishes, Variety Village (3701 Danforth Ave, Toronto ) has generously donated their staff and facilities to host the memorial on Dec 9th from 11Am to 2PM. I will be inviting a group of people to speak about their personal experience with Maria. I will attempt to put together a list that best represents the wide range of people Maria knew.

The memorial will be includes speakers and a slideshow presentation from various points in Marie’s life. We will also include music that best captures Maria’s personality.

In keeping with her requests, the dress code is definitively casual but please no black…she was clear on that.

Rather than flowers, I would suggest donations in Maria’s name could be made to Variety Village. I cannot think of a place more deserving and I have no doubt that Maria would agree.

After the memorial, many of us will be gathering at the Tara Inn (2365 Kingston Rd, Toronto) ….all are invited!

Since many people may not use Facebook, please spread the word to all that might be interested in attending.

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