Round 3

December 1, 2013

Round 3

I was determined to complete all 14 days of Xeloda because, quite frankly I’m not ready to be as bald as an eagle this winter…nor do I want a porticath.  So I got it in my head to do whatever was necessary and endure whatever comes my way.   Maybe, just maybe, my body will get used to it.

I was doing okay until about days 5 – 7.  I could feel my feet caving in, but I persevered.

It didn’t help that I felt I was getting too fat and off I went to the YMCA to try to work out.  I did 10 minutes of the bike and about 20 minutes of Arriba dancing.  My feet felt hot.

Well, low and behold, was I not sporting some lovely blisters on my feet the next day.  And then my feet started peeling.  My husband said I was shedding my skin like a snake.   But I refused to give in and go off the chemo.  Decided Chemo IV was not for me and these pills I’m taking had to work.

I started feeling really horrible one night during the second week.  I fell asleep for a while, until but my children decided to wake me up and jump on my bed.  So I screamed at them.  Bad idea.  My heart rate skyrocketed and I felt significantly worse.  Decided I was not well enough to endure a friendly visit to the emergency department, so I took an oxycocet and went back to bed.

The next morning my heart was killing me.  It felt like someone had their hands around my heart in a death grip.   I told my kids to fend for themselves because I wasn’t getting out of bed; thus they were late for school.  My heart monitor indicated my blood pressure was too high so I took a beta-blocker.  That really helped.  Brought everything down to a more reasonable level.  Phoned my oncologist, radiation and heart doctors.

So now the new plan is to keep me on this chemo. one week on and one week off, to give my feet a break.  I hope this works.  I’m still waiting for an MRI date to see what’s going on with my bones.

Yesterday, Cathy Mouzos and I took our 5 kids and Maria O’Kane’s daughter to a Christmas Rotary Party at the Royal York Hotel.  They served chicken fingers/fries, chocolate milk, and ice cream.  The kids got their faces painted and worked hard on Christmas activities.  We all had our picture taken with Santa and got a bag full of gifts.  It was a good day out.

Maria’s daughter, Samantha is a real gem.  I can’t imagine how hard this has been for her to lose her mother at such a young age (10), but she is a real trooper, just like her mom was.  Sam is going to be speaking about her mother at the memorial next Monday.  She is so brave.  Maria told me Sam was going to be okay and I believe her….after all she has a protective angel watching over her.


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