Ice Storm 2013

Sunday, December 22, 2013

We are in the midst of an ice storm.  I placed a bet with my husband that we wouldn’t have any power for a long time.  He said we’d be up and running within 24 hours.  He wanted to bet $50 bucks.  Stupid me said $20.  We have 1/2 hour to go. I have faith that Toronto Hydro will have everyone but Scarborough up and running. That’s what happened the last time we had a major power outage.  They don’t care about us.  When I heard we were going to have a storm, I made sure I went to the bank to take out some money, bought some groceries, and filled up the car with gas…just in case.  So the bet is on.

This morning when I looked outside I couldn’t believe how beautiful it was.  I got some great photos.

IMG_0466   IMG_0489IMG_0469  IMG_0487

My Backyard Ice Bird Hotel


A Game of Frozen Basketball Anyone?


I thought we were going to be okay because we have a gas stovetop.  Usually you just light it up with a match and you are all set.  Not today though.  Not with the new stove I bought. I could not get it to light.  Fortunately Michelle came over this afternoon and invited us over to warm up some soup on her gas stove which works.  Here are some pictures of my walk to her house.

IMG_1477  IMG_1479 IMG_1503                 IMG_1505
Meanwhile, Bobo and the kids walked over to TIM Hortons to try to get some food/hot drinks.  Our neighbour told us they were open but it was nuts…many customers.  They almost got into a brawl with some lady who took my daughters BLT after waiting in line for an hour.  I was amazed they were even open.  The drivethru stretched well into the street.

We went to check up on the grandparents.  Bobo’s family has power, but my parents don’t.  Let me correct that.  Apparently my father has successfully managed to siphon off someone’s electricity from the Main Street through his backyard and has his fridge running and he was planning on getting his furnace running too.  I must say, the man is resourceful in times of trouble…as long as he doesn’t blow the place up he should be fine.  My parents still have their old stove, so I knew they would be able to heat up their food and they have a fireplace.  They don’t have any phone lines though because the neighbours trees fell on top of them.

It’s 11:52.  Looks like I’m going to win the bet!  Bobo spoke to our MP who lives around the corner from us.  He told bobo he had already made a call to the city to send trucks to clear up the debris from the broken trees.

My tree in the front yard is in trouble.  Three of the branches have fallen.  It’s so sad to see it in distress.  As I walked around the neighbourhood I was astounded at all the broken branches, but was able to get some really cool photos.

The radio station said they were hoping to get the hydro on in 72 hours.  I hope they do because they also said we were suppose to hit a record low temperature of -14 degrees on Tuesday night.  I’m planning on booking a hotel that night because I don’t plan on freezing to death.


Tuesday, December 24

We got our power back on Monday (not in 24 hours) so I won the bet.  Should have bet him the $50 bucks, like he wanted.  Lots of people are still out of power.  Now my father has connected 2 more houses next door to him to siphon the electricity from that other poor guys house whose backyard backs onto my parents yard.  I hope they all plan to generously compensate him!

I got in touch with Maria O’Kane’s husband.  They were living at the Comfort Inn for one night, but got the boot the next day because their power went out.  So now they are staying with some friends.  There are many people that still don’t have power and are relying on their friends that do to let them sleep over.  The gas stations and coffee shops are outrageously busy.  You can drive down the street and one side of the road will have their businesses open and the other side will be totally in the dark.  Those that are open seem to have a steady flow of consumers, but some of the stores will only take cash because their debit/visa machines aren’t working.

Church may be very interesting tonight…by candlelight if the power is off.  Totally cool!  I hope I can see my music!

Merry Christmas everyone!

2 thoughts on “Ice Storm 2013

  1. Hi Maria
    I still have no power. House is freezing. 100 year old maple tree was destroyed & it also destroyed my car. I have no car, no heat, no electricity & no phone. Staying with my 2 boys for tonight & tomorrow. Have a merry Christmas.
    Love Linda

    • I’m so sorry about your car. Your area was hit hard because it had so many beautiful old trees. I hope your insurance will cover the cost to get it fixed. I hope you had a good Christmas and everything will return to normal for you soon!

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