New Tumour

I went to see my spine guy yesterday and was told they found another tumour growing….this time in my neck (C5).  So now I need to get it radiated the end of March.  No wonder I bought 2 pillows over the last couple of months.  I think my neck started hurting before it was even detected on the MRI because they didn’t see it in December and I bought a new pillow in November.  Trying not to get too worked up about it.  However, the associate started asking me questions like:   Do you have any headaches which tylenol didn’t help?  Any dizziness?  Nausea?  “Great”, I thought… “She thinks it’s in my brain too”.  I told her no, but I did have some headaches from what I thought were from the barometric pressure.  Now I question whether I should have said yes, so they can check out my brain too.  More concerning for me right now is that my back is itchy.  It’s worse after I take a shower and I think I feel a bump there, although BoBo tells me that it’s where my metal rods were inserted.  I don’t know what to think and am in a bit of a panic about that….but you would have thought if it was something, the associate would have seen it and told me about it after seeing my more recent MRI.

Frick and Frack are at home right now.  Frick has strep throat, and Frack….I’m currently not sending him to school due to issues of bullying.  So now I’m home schooling him until I figure out what to do.

One thought on “New Tumour

  1. Please ask them to check your head too! Better to be safe than sorry, and then you (and the rest of us who love you) can be reassured it hasn’t spread too far.

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