Passing of Michelle Baskie


I went to see my spine doctors nurse on Monday to check out the bump in my back.  She said it was just the screw used to attach the metal rod to the bone.  That was a relief.  My radiation doctor isn’t able to request a brain scan with the neck CT Scan (separate tests) …guess I will have to address that one with my oncologist the next time I visit him.

My kids are at camp at Gilda’s Club this week. They are off to Lego Land in a snow storm today which hopefully will be a lot of fun.

My daughter cried all the way home from camp yesterday after I told her that her last year’s teacher, Mrs. Baskie passed away that morning (diagnosed with pancreatic cancer in June).  Her former teacher was so very kind and supportive towards me and my daughter.  She had a very strong faith in Jesus Christ and I know in my heart that he is taking care of her now.  I feel bad for her husband and three boys now that she has passed, but I also know that she was in an awful lot of pain in her final days and that is not an easy way to live.   Her funeral is on Friday.

Love the ppl god gave you, need them back one day

2 thoughts on “Passing of Michelle Baskie

  1. I’m sorry to hear of your friends passing. My heart goes out to her 3 boys. What a beautiful message about the thread connecting to people we are destined to meet in life. The coarse threads teach us lessons too.

    “Carpe Diem” Sent from my iPhone

  2. Please give K a kiss and hug from me…Mar, you are an incredible strength and I know that Michelle would have been blessed to have known you and your family. My condolences to her husband and her boys…I’m thinking of all of you! xoxo

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