Another Day

I’m feeling down today.  My neck is hurting and I’m waiting for my CT Scan results to see if the cancer has spread to any of my organs.  I don’t see my oncologist until next Friday, but I’m hoping that my LTD nurse will email them to me soon.  I really don’t do well with that contrast radioactive dye they give you when they do those CT Scans.  It gives me runny diarrhea for a couple of hours after the scan and then I get really weird pale yellow stools for a several days.  I ate some seaweed to try to clean the dye out of my intestines, soaked in himalayan bath salts, and have been trying to drink some detox drinks; however my energy level has definitely been zapped.  Worrying doesn’t help either.  My arm has also been hurting me too from a Tetanus vaccine I had back in February…which also puts a dent in your immune system.

Eight year old Frack has been home now for almost 3 weeks because I have refused to let him go back to school since he came home and told me he wanted to die and he cried himself to sleep.  The psychologist told me to get him out of there; however our superintendent has turned down my plea to allow him to attend my school on compassionate grounds.  His current school wants him to stay in the class with a bully who has sent him to the hospital twice (shoved him into a wall in kindergarten, kicked him in the kidneys in Grade 1….right where he had an operation for hydronephrosis), and I just can’t do that to him.  I asked him if he wants to go back to his school today and he said, “No”.  The psychologist told me he wasn’t learning anything anyway because all he can focus on is surviving from the second he gets into the classroom, to recess, to lunch, then recess again, until he goes home at 3:00.  So now I’m home-schooling him.

Unfortunately, it has become very difficult at his school for everyone to attend a meeting to discuss my concerns and to review my son’s assessment.  I was hoping a meeting was going to take place this Friday, but their school psychologist couldn’t be there.  How much do you want to bet this meeting will take place when I have to have radiation treatment on my neck?

I must admit Frack has a real trooper and has been working diligently on the assignments I have given him.  His assessment indicated that he has some hand motor co-ordination problems so I’ve been working on correcting that.  He is now holding his pencil correctly and is doing an awesome job learning how to handwrite.  I don’t think he will need to see an occupational therapist now at this rate.  He likes to handwrite.  Frack is also having a good time using the “Draw Squad” book…where he completes different art lessons every day to improve his visual motor co-ordination.  That should help him too.  He also loves to do math, thank heavens and is working from an old grade 4 math book I like. English however, is another story.

And I’m not sure how to improve his speech articulation though (the letter r)….I’m afraid he will have to live in Boston when he grows up because he has an accent just like them.  Can’t tell my son is from Canada.  I spent $135 each for 5 lessons in December and only now got reimbursed for it (has to go to my insurance and then my husbands).  It is so cumbersome dealing with the paperwork, it’s awful…my friend Cathy comes over and does  my insurance papers for me because all I want to do is scream and cry when I see them.  This also makes me never want to go to massage therapists, naturopaths, etc. because I don’t want to deal with the paperwork.

Anyway, time for bed.

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2 thoughts on “Another Day

  1. Hey sweetie, talk to me about the letter ‘r’ problem. My son had that problem and the speech pathologist told me how to work on correcting it,

  2. Hey, Mare,

    I feel for you, and frack too. We call Jessica our little american yank – she has troubles with her “r’s” and is starting speech therapy. It’s all in the tongue. God Bless her she tries very hard to pronounce her “r’s” so much so that she talks slower and she sounds awkward!!!

    And Bullying is becoming such an issue and I find schools aren’t handling it very well. Both my kids have been bullied from time to time over the years. Jacob has been punched, pushed into walls, snow and snowballs constantly thrown at his face, and his napsack taken and thrown all over the school yard (all this by the same boy). Jessica was forced to put sand in her mouth and then another time rocks (by the same girl).

    Keep up the fight for you and frack, I hope things get better for you all and things work themselves out..

    Take care,

    Maria Zammit

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