My “British” Son

My friend Cathy has informed me that I had to write on my blog and update it because I haven’t done so in a long time….so here we go.

Frack is doing incredibly well at his new school.  The change in him has been dramatic.  He is so happy; he is a totally different child when he comes home from school.  He has made so many friends and his teacher has told me he is thriving.  I, even being a teacher, had no idea that bullying could has such a detrimental effect on another child.

The work that Frack is doing now compared to the workbooks from his old school is like night and day.  One sentence and perhaps a picture versus pages and pages of writing.  I am in awe and count my blessings that I got him out of there.  Changing schools was definitely the right thing to do.

I have also been told by teachers that Frack is apparently, a chic magnet….that the girls LOVE him.  I kind of thought that my colleagues were just being kind until I went to one of Frick’s soccer games after school and had an interesting conversation with two of the parents there.  One parent (of a girl from Frack’s class) said, “Oh, you are the parent of the new British boy I have heard so much about”.   My daughter never stops talking about him.

British?  My son’s not British.  I had to laugh at that because Frack has a speech impediment and cannot say his “R’s” correctly and speaks, from what I can tell, with a Boston accent.  Apparently, it’s working really well for him.  The girls love it.  Now I’m thinking I should let him keep talking like that instead of hiring a speech therapist to correct it.   That little girl gave my son a BFF (best friends forever keychain with a light) the next day.  She was not the only one who thought my son was British.  Frick came home one day shortly after they started at the new school and told me that no one believed she was Frack’s older sister because she didn’t have a British accent.  What a riot.

At the soccer game, another greek parent with a son in Frack’s class, said, “Yes, thank heavens your son came to our school.  The girls used to love my son, but now they are after yours and it’s taken the pressure off him.

Go figure.

I think things are working out for the best with Frick too.  She always used to come home on the defensive and that is just not happening anymore.  She’s settling down nicely.  Now if only I could get her to inform me that she has homework!  She has a habit of hiding things from me; but that is going to change as of tonight…she must immediately do her work when she gets home.  Last night, after swim classes, I found out she had reams and reams of math she didn’t understand.  After she had a crying fit, we worked on it together until 11:00 at night.  I think she gets it now.  I don’t know why she gets so worked up about it.  One of my colleagues told me a long time ago that you can never teach your own child.  I think she is right.


I’m having a spinal MRI done tonight at 1:30 in the morning, and then I have an appointment with my oncologist Friday morning.  I have been having a significant amount of pain and have had to take painkillers on a daily basis.  Something is wrong, I just hope it’s not too bad.  I can’t even walk around for very long or go to the Y to exercise without being in a lot of pain.   Two weeks ago, my period showed up and I have been in bad shape since then.  My cancer feeds off estrogen and when that happened, I was not a happy camper.  I warned my family physician and oncologist that I thought it was coming back.  I had blood work I had done in March and my family doctor told me I was in menopause.  Imagine my surprise when I found out that I was NOT in menopause.  That also means that if I have to take hormone therapy again, I’m going into “Menopause” once again.  Hot flashes here they come.  That will be the third time.  It’s bad enough experiencing menopause once, but three times.  Really?

Hope they can fix my back problems.  Check out this tattoo.  If only it were that simple.


2 thoughts on “My “British” Son

  1. Love your humour,I am one of Pina’s group of healers who are helping to send you support.
    Great to get updates. Energetically, Victoria

  2. The girls loved Frack on jump rope for heart day. He is a fabulous skipper & the girls were quite impressed!

    Frick and some girls from her class are working together on a large banner advertising the Talent Show in my classroom. She seemed to be enjoying it. She’s with a really nice group of girls.

    “Carpe Diem” Sent from my iPhone

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