Doors Open Toronto

I should have published this a long time ago (May 30)…but I forgot about it in my draft folder…so I’m sending it out now!

So I had an Spinal MRI done last Friday and got the results on Wednesday.

My back is STABLE.  I think I was in shock when this woman I have never seen before told me at my Radiation Drs appointment.

I was so sure something bad was happening because my back has been very sore lately and my period showed up a couple a weeks ago (which is a very bad  sign when your cancer feeds off the hormone estrogen).  Anyhow, no new tumours and the couple of other ones sitting on my spine are behaving themselves.  I am blessed.

However, and there always is a however.  The report, which I asked a copy of, said that there is something new happening with regards to my bone marrow on T9 and S1.  The woman handed it to me and before I could even read it said, “Do you have any questions?”  I said, “No” and then she said don’t worry about that part at the bottom (bone marrow sentence), my back is stable.  But, of course, that is what I am currently fixated on.  I, of course, started researching stuff on the internet about bone marrow replacement and found that you can get some kind of leukemia from high doses of radiation (which I have had…clinical trial…don’t know what the long side effects are).  I am somewhat perturbed.  I need to take some long breathes and stop assuming the worse.  Just be happy with the news that my back is stable.

On Monday I’m going for a cardiac MRI with my wacky heart doctor.  I am beginning to really hate all these tests, because they find really stupid things (ie:  the thing growing in my neck and the other thing with tenticles in my brain), that I really have no desire of knowing about.  I also have an up-coming appointments  for a bone scan and CT scan.  Fun.

Last week-end we went to a couple of the venues for “Doors Open” Toronto.  It’s an event they have here in Toronto for 2 days every year.  People can visit interesting buildings for free during this  “Open House” event.  We have never went to see any of the buildings at a Doors Open before, but were curious and decided to go to our local ones.

Here is some of the stuff we saw.

Buddist Temple in Scarborough (Brimley Road).

Constructed in 2 years by 15 chinese men who quit their jobs and volunteered to built this.  A lot of the statues an intricate artwork on the structure was brought from China.

IMG_0435 IMG_0434 IMG_0442  IMG_0449


It was quite neat.  They handed us a glass of green tea when we went in and also gave us a bracelet and  a tour.

Then we went to Doris McCarthy’s home.  She was one of Arthur Lismer’s (Group of Seven) art students at Malvern C.I.  She lived to be 100 years old and taught for 40 years at Central Tech.  She bought her property (on the Scarborough Bluffs) when there were no roads and drove a jeep after WWII through the brush to get to her property.  She built little additions on her home as the years went by.  She must have been really short because the doorways were built for midgets.

IMG_0460  IMG_0457


Bobo (my husband the Geography expert) said that one day, they are going to have to move her house because it’s going to go down  into the lake.  I believe her because I used to know a teacher whose house was 12th from the edge and it went bye bye with erosion over the years.

She liked angels and had quite a nice one on her weathervane.


This is the first part she build of her house (one room with a fireplace and a lovely view).  The paintings are hers.  The one above her couch is a painting of her students painting.

IMG_0481        IMG_0482


She was single all her life and travelled up north and got this sculpture made of whale bone, and while she was in Europe (Italy, I believe), she picked up this 16th century Madonna and Child…’cept the fingers broke on it’s shipment to Canada…so she glued them back together with Elmer’s Glue.




Then we went to the Guild Inn. I really wish someone would pick up the tab and fix the old inn which is condemned. The grounds are just beautiful. That’s where Bobo and I had our pictures taken after our wedding.  Really love that place.


IMG_0501 IMG_0500


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