Aug. 6 Update

Sorry I haven’t written in a very long time.  I’ve had some heart issues lately which I was trying to deal with.  Ended up in the hospital in June with severe chest pains because  I thought I was having a heart attack.  I think my blood pressure got too low because I started taking a new heart medication (called ramipril) and my heart was barely beating when I woke up that morning.  My principal Anna drove me to the nearby hospital.  The ER doc. told me never to go there again.  Go downtown where all my records are.  Over six hours later, good news, I didn’t have a heart attack and I was sent home.  I asked if I could have an echo to see how well my heart was pumping (as I was convinced I was having heart failure again), but the ER doctor told me it was up to my heart doctor to schedule that for me.

I decided I had to be my own advocate since my heart doctor is away until September.  Case in point….never get ill near or during the summer break because no one is around.  Even though I was sent to a replacement heart doctor two weeks later, he didn’t want to do anything (ie: send me for an echo test) until my doctor came back.  I was already scheduled for a non-urgent Cardiac MRI (since April).  My heart doctor told me he wanted to be present when I had this test, so I guess I’m really out of luck there.

I had a gut feeling that something was going on with my vitamin and mineral levels in my body.  Someone at Gilda’s Club highly recommended that I try her naturopathic doctor in Mississauga.  So I went.  The woman gave me a lot of supplements and after 2 visits (which ended costing me over $800),  I felt a lot worse.

So I went to my family doctor to get some blood work done and asked her to check my vitamin D level (had to pay $35 for that test) and iron.  Discovered I was taking way too much Vitamin D (I was at a toxic level) and for some reason my liver isn’t flushing out my iron either and I have an overload of that too. The wacky naturopathic doctor told me to take 6000 mg of Vitamin D.  I was taking 4,000 at the time.  When I searched on the internet about appropriate dosing, I discovered 2,000 mg was the recommended daily dose and 4,000 mg is the  intolerable level.  Not happy with that naturapath because she didn’t tell me to check with my doctor to see what my levels were in the first place.  So I went off all my meds/vitamins for a while and slowing introduced one back a time to figure out why my heart was going wacky.  It’s been a trying experience, but I feel much better now that I stopped taking the vitamin D and the other two heart medications the heart doctor gave me which caused irregular heartbeats, insomnia, chest pains, and a metallic taste in my mouth.  I’m now taking CoQ10 which has significantly helped me my heart and now I think it’s going back to normal.  The irregular heartbeats are becoming more infrequent and I’m not getting any chest pains.

Yesterday I had a CT Scan (organs)  and am awaiting the results.  I am plenty nervous about that.  But I am even more nervous about my upcoming spinal MRI because last week I went to a meditation yoga class and when I was on the mat and rolled over I heard a crunch or a rip near my T12 (where the titanium rod screw is secured in my bone).  Needless to say I am still in pain a week later.  I have a sharp pain running down my back and into my right leg sometimes when I sit.  It’s really aggravated when I try to sit on the toilet of all things.  The last 24 hours have not been great after I had that CT Scan, let me tell you.  I don’t do well with all the radioactive dye they give you.  It  insists on flying out my butt with very little warning!  I know I should be grateful that it’s flushing out of my system, but the back pain I’m getting while sitting on the toilet is driving me nuts!

Not much is going on this summer, so I’m going to post some excerpts from my diary from last year’s crazy road trip which I didn’t get around to doing.  Wish I had a stash of cash so I could do some more road trips because I love travelling to new places.

Anyhow, I read an article which I liked today and wanted to post it on my blog.  Except I have no idea how to do a link.  So if you care to read it, go to Inspire Me Today and find

How to Make Sure Your Glass is Always Full by Regina Cates.  It’s less than 500 words and is worth reading if you have the time.….ure-your-glass-is-always-full/

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One thought on “Aug. 6 Update

  1. Mary,
    Was thinking of you the other day. Even told my sister, Maria, that I hope thing were OK because you hadn’t posted your blog in a while. Seems like your life has been challenged lately and I’m sorry that you have to go through such a struggle. Please let me know if I can help in any way.

    Susie Suppa

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