Our East Coast Trip…The Trigger Happy Cop and Quasimodo

Last year at this time, my cousin from Australia and I drove our to the East Coast on an adventure with my two kids.  I didn’t get a chance to post our trip on my blog but decided it was too funny not to publish what happened to us…so here it goes.

Friday, August 9, 2013

We left Quebec City to make our way to New Brunswick today.  When we got to Riviere de Loupe, we only had 1/4 tank of gas left.  One of my cousins who had visited the East Coast before, forewarned me to make sure I filled up at a gas station in Edmunston (I thought that was what she said) because there wouldn’t be any gas station for miles and miles and miles.  I figured with 1/4 tank of gas that we would safely get to Edmunston for a fill up after we left Riviere do Loupe, but boy was I wrong.

Mountains and trees was all we could see for miles and miles and miles.  I often stretch the limit when the yellow empty gas tank light goes on at home…but that’s when I know where the gas stations are.  My husband always freaks out on me when the empty gas light goes on and has told me that one day I would get stuck.  “That’s why we have CAA”, I would tell him.  “Let me out of the car”, he would respond, “I’d rather take the TTC”.  Truth be known, I like to see him sweat  (and besides, I know that even on empty, I can drive downtown and all the way home on a yellow light because I’ve done it before!).  However, this was different.  Now I was driving in an unfamiliar province and I didn’t know how long it would take CAA to bring me gas in the middle of no where.  Besides, I didn’t have a cell phone.  How would I call them?

Well, the yellow light appeared and my sisters GPS (which I borrowed) didn’t show any signs of civilization or gas for miles.  My cousin told me not to worry because we had at least 50 km left to find a gas station.  We temporarily stopped at some guys house off the road to ask, but it really looked like an axe murderer lived there and I was secretly glad no one answered the door.  Actually, you couldn’t get to the door because there was a wooden plank barring the entrance.  Thought that was weird.  So I hopped back into the car and kept going.  I was getting anxious that we were going to get stuck on the highway.  “Bobo will be in his glory when he hears this story”, I thought.

Shortly thereafter we saw a cop car who pulled over some poor slop who was speeding.  Boo told me to pull over and ask the cop.  I wasn’t sure that was a good idea, but I didn’t think we had much of a choice.  So I stopped behind the cop car.  Not a good idea.

The police officer got out of his car…and he had his hand on his gun.  “Holy sh*#$%”, I thought, “This guy is going to shoot us!”  I’d better say something fast.  Meanwhile, my crazy cousin who was sitting in the passenger side, starts waving her arms around like a mad woman.  “What the heck is she doing that for”, I thought.  I’m not sure what she was saying because I had my eyes fixated on the gun.  I rolled down my window and told him that I was out of gas and would he mind telling me where the nearest gas station was.  He hesitated, looked at all of us in the car, and then told me it was about 20 kms away in a place called Cabano.  Good think the kids were in the car.  I think he was as relieved that we posed no immediate danger to him because he took his hand away from the gun and walked back to the driver of the speeding car.

As we drove by him, I told Boo that at least if we run out of gas down the road, we know there’s a cop behind us and he would recognize our car if we got stuck at the side of the road.

We took the next exit ramp and discovered a gas station where the attendant actually came out to fill up our car.  However, he really kind of looked like Quasimodo and I was quite scared to death and so were the kids.  One of his eyes was twitching and I think he had a limp.  I swear if I didn’t desperately need the gas, I would have taken off like a shot, but we wouldn’t have gotten very far on empty.  I asked him to fill it up and gave him a tip.  Locked the car door and got the heck away from there at lightening speed.  Beginning to think that travelling in New Brunswick was not exactly a good idea.

It rained on our way to Fredericton.  We stopped at a Best Western Hotel with a salt water pool and then went out in search for a lobster dinner.  We are on the hunt for the best seafood dinner on the coast.  Can’t bring my husband to the East Coast for seafood dinner because he would buy the crab/lobster set it free in the sea.  “Be free!  Be free!”, he would shout, “And don’t get trapped again”.    I never order lobster at a restaurant when he is around because he starts making shrieking noises (he claims that is the sound it makes when it goes into the pot).  But they taste so good.

Must say they have an interesting presentation of lobster dinner in New Brunswick.  Never seen anything like this in Ontario.


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