East Coast Trip…Pioneer Village (Fredericton), Magnetic Hill, and Biker Convention

Excerpt from my diary on August 10,2013 (East Coast Trip).

Today we went to a quaint little pioneer village in Fredericton.  We met a guy in a historical costume fishing on a dock.  He said he used sheep intestines for the fishing wire.  He had a snail at the end as a lure.  Glad I’m not a pioneer.  My cousin asked him if there were any dangerous fish in the water because she wanted to go swimming!


It was a pretty neat place, with horses and a buggy to take you around the village if you wished.  My back didn’t feel so great after being jostled around though.


      We went to the old “school house”.  The headmistress was a great actress.  She scared the heck out of all of us.  After she instructed everyone to call her “Miss” (because she wouldn’t be allowed to teach if she was married because her most important job was to look after her husband), one of the men made the comment “Was she looking for a guy”.  She sent him to the corner with a dunce cap.  His wife, who had to sit on the girls side of the tiny school house tried to take a picture of him, but was reprimanded.  When she told the teacher she was this wife, the headmistress answered, “I’m so sorry.  My condolences to you”.  We were made to sing “God Save The Queen” although we didn’t really know all the words.  All in all an excellent experience.


After our pioneer visit , we were hoping to go to a tree top zip line place, but we missed the exit….no visible sign on the highway) and ended up going towards Moncton.  Although the kids were bitterly disappointed, I knew there was another zip line place in Moncton that we could go to, so I didn’t bother going back.  It was a very quiet, silent treatment ride, let me tell you.

In Moncton, we found a place I really wanted to see called Magnetic Hill which my husband told me about prior to our trip.  It sounded like a neat thing to do.   You put your car in neutral and the car will go backwards UP a hill, no gas required.  My cousin did the driving while I video-taped the ride….even the part when she was screaming at two Chinese tourists who were on the magnetic road taking pictures as she diligently tried to steer backwards up the hill.  $5 if you ever go to Moncton and want to check it out.  Nothing is free, even on magnetic hill.


We tried driving to our hotel, but the main road was closed for a bikers convention.  That’s right…bikers.  The Hells Angel type.  Lots of them.  I wish I had our iPad on my to take a picture of the biker we saw with two chicks in chaps (leather pants with a large hole in the buttocks area).  Dearest husband of mine, u should have come on this trip just to see that!  Pink boxers.  It was very noisy out here…grand central station right in front of our hotel.  The kids are happy now because the hotel has a pool with a spiral slide, but judging from the noise outside this place, if I can’t sleep tonight, we aren’t staying for two nights.  (See videotape of Highway to Hell)

IMG_1934 IMG_1935

Unfortunately, I have no idea how to upload that videotape on my blog…it’s not working like the photos.  Sorry I am technologically inept.  It was a really good sound too!  The band really sounded like AC/DC.

For dinner we are going to try to go to Shediac, which is apparently the Lobster Capital of the East Coast.  I’m going to try to find the giant lobster I’ve heard about and take a pic of it.  Tomorrow, we are going to Hopewell Rocks to see the tides on the Bay of Fundy.  Can’t Wait!

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