East Coast Trip…The Bay of Fundy, Hopewell Rocks, and the Giant Lobster

Excerpt from my diary of last summers East Coast Adventure (Sunday, August 11, 2013).

 IMG_1986Today we went to a place called Hopewell Rocks in the Bay of Fundy.

Last year Frick did a project on New Brunswick and it showed these really neat rocks where you could walk on the ocean floor at low tide, and kayak during high tide.  The earth is closest to the moon over here, and the moons gravity forces the Bay of Fundy to dump all of its water onto the Atlantic Ocean during low tide and fill up again during high tide.  This phenomenon happens twice every day at different times.  When we drove down the Fundy coast, it was really weird seeing empty brown rivers.  It was almost like we were in Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory.

I tried to book the kayaking expedition for us during high tide, but was told the kids were too young and the wind was really strong today.  So we decided to just go down to the ocean floor for a walk.  There were big flowerpot rocks, a huge arch called lovers arch, and lots of seaweed.  

 IMG_1974  IMG_1978

IMG_2122   IMG_2150

When the tide started to come in at 12:30, it looked like chocolate water was washing ashore.  There were some areas on the ocean floor that was really incredibly mucky and your feet/shoes would stick to the bottom really well.  Sometimes we would rub the muck from our feet on the seaweed to get them clean, or try to wash it in the brown water.  Frack was covered in mud by the end of our walk.  Luckily there was a washing station at the top of the observation deck where we could wash our feet with powerful hoses.  We were then able to take a free shuttle us back to the entrance (I do love my disabled pass).  That saved me from a fifteen minute walk, but it didn’t matter anyway ’cause my feet were still killing me by the end of the day from using my flip flops instead off my running shoes.

IMG_1998 IMG_2110

The Bay of Fundy was a very interesting experience.  I am so glad we went there.

 For dinner we went back to Shediac and had the most delicious lobster roll ever.  It was truly divine.  I never tasted anything quite like it…it melted right in your mouth.  We were right on the shores of the Atlantic Ocean.  (Just the right place for my husband to set them all free!).  And guess what.  Found that giant lobster that was on my bucket list too!

IMG_2165            IMG_2183


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