Having Some Health Issues

I’d like to finish my blog about my trip last year, but it’s been interrupted by the fact that I’m having some serious health issues right now and am needing some prayers.

I haven’t quite figured out what is happening, but my hemoglobin/red blood cells count is going down, down, down and there is something going on in my bone marrow.  Last month my hb count was 120 which is the bottom of the normal range, last week it was 98, and today it’s 91.  Oncologist said if it gets to 70, I’m going to need some blood transfusions.  Haven’t slept much for about 5 days worrying.

Seeing my radiation guy on Wednesday who will hopefully shed some light on my newest predicament.

Was at the hospital today to get an x-ray because I fell down 2 steps at my sister’s house and couldn’t put any weight on my right foot without excruciating pain.  Good news is I didn’t break my femur. The doc said I have something akin to shin splints.  Anyhow, I am okay right now with a healthy dose of oxycocet which I took with me to the hospital.  Wanted to offer it to another woman who was in pain because I think she broke her arm.  The x-ray machine was broken in the ER so we had to be sent to the general hospital’s machine.  There was also a young girl cyclist who got hit by a car.  Sounded like the guy who hit her tried to take off, but her bike was pinned underneath it so he didn’t get far.  She seemed okay though.

It was my sister’s birthday today, and she was stuck with me at the hospital for a good chunk of the day.  Sorry ’bout that!


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