Bone Marrow Biopsy

Went for my bone marrow biopsy with my sister yesterday.  Took my son’s ipad with all the games on it and hoped for the best.  When my husband has to give me my shots/injections from Germany, I play on the ipad to get my mind off of the upcoming Ouch!  Sometimes my husband gets it right and it doesn’t hurt too much, but then sometimes he gets it in the wrong spot and I’m cursing up a storm.

Anyhow, back to the biopsy.  Two needles to freeze my lower back, worth two loud groans.  Then, when the nice indian doctor thought it was frozen enough, he stuck, what I believe to be a big needle into my bone marrow (he told me I would feel some pressure while he did the aspiration), which got another loud OUCH from me!  And then for the big kicker, he had to take a piece of my bone for examination…which was worth one hell of a yell…especially when he was having difficulty getting the bone sample and he had to go back and forth to crack the sucker.  My sister watched the whole thing and thought it was cool.  I envisioned that he got something like a wine bottle screwtop and cracked my bone with it….but I don’t really know since I was trying really hard to concentrate on my game.  However,  all I could think of was just when is this going to be over.  Kept playing my game Chef’s Diner until they rolled me over and put a big bandage on it  for bleeding.  He apologized for what he claimed was the barbaric way they have to get bone marrow which hasn’t changed in 10 years.

A nurse tried to get my blood shortly thereafter, but was unsuccessful.  I asked her to try heating my arm with a heating pad which I learned from Germany…and that seems to do the trick.  Bingo, out came the blood.  When I got home later that afternoon, I saw my results on infowell.  All my blood test results (liver/kidney etc) were finally normal except the HEMOGLOBIN.  I am now getting dangerously close to getting a blood transfusion…it’s at 84 (normal is above 120).  It’s been going down by 10 every week since mid-August.

So I checked on the internet and found that one of the medications I’m on from Germany can cause anemia.  I stopped taking it today and now am, unfortunately back on chemo, which is something I really, really didn’t want to do.  I think I was taking too much Artesunat (200 mg); which is generally used for malaria in Africa, but apparently works on preventing cancer cells from growing.

I pray they don’t find any metastatic disease in my bone marrow.  Won’t know until Friday.  Hate waiting.


Frick and Frack are quite content in their new school.  Frack is no longer coming home crying and having temper tantrums like he did when he was at the other school, so I know I made the right decision in moving.  Apparently my son’s tormentor is after another kid at his school who lives around the corner from me.  His mother said her son didn’t want to go to school and couldn’t sleep at night because he was afraid that kid was going to be in his class.  Unbelievable.  Honestly, so glad to be out of there, though I feel for this up and coming victims.

Frick is going to sign up for Flag Football, Borden Ball, and perhaps Cross-Country and is looking forward to going to Quebec this year.  She came home last week and said,  “Hey mom, I actually LIKE school”.  This was coming from the kid who whenever someone asked her if she was looking forward to going to school, would look at them as if they were nuts and  emphatically reply, “NO!”

Thankfully the two of them are settling down nicely and I take comfort in knowing that.  I am looking forward to going to the school and doing some art lessons, but the lack of oxygen has kind of got me homebound for the moment.

I hate making lunches and told the kids to make their own from now on.  I don’t see the point in sending food that comes right back, so I’m on strike.  It’s working pretty good.  This morning my ass hurt so much from the biopsy, I told them to make their own lunches because I was on drugs and was not getting up.  It worked.  The day before, they conned my sister to take them to the store to buy some snacks.  I told them only to buy healthy snacks and they essentially brought home stuff I would never buy for them, like Lucky Charms Cereal, honey donuts and something that looked like Hostess Twinkies.  This is after I made some healthy carrot/pineapple muffins (which they won’t touch).  I wonder what kind of lies my children fed my sister…Oh yes…mom will let us buy that. I’m sure their lunches were filled with nothing but junk today, but I guess I’m just going to have to accept the fact that it didn’t kill me when my mother bought that kind of junk the odd time; it won’t kill them either.


2 thoughts on “Bone Marrow Biopsy

  1. Sending well wishes your way for the bone marrow results.

    Also, I tormented my mom the same way when it came to lunch. If it’s any consolation, they’ll really appreciate it in adulthood haha

    • My son may never make it to the size of an adult because he never eats anything but Nutella sandwiches which are not allowed in school because it’s a nut. My kid is a shrimp. I hope he grows one day.

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