Day 4/5 Alternative Cancer Treatment (Germany)

From my diary ( Feb. 4/5, 2014)

I saw the doctor today for my results.  Didn’t get a whole lot of explanation from him as to what kind of treatment I was going to have…he doesn’t speak english but he does speak French, German and Italian.  (yeah, yeah my italian sucks okay and I’m not about to embarrass myself…I’m sure he speaks proper Italian and I speak some crazy calabrese dialect from 50 years ago.  I understand what others are saying, but really don’t like speaking italian).  I’m glad I researched some of this alternative stuff before.  He said, ” Internet” when I asked him about the artesunat (from the wormwood plant).  A man of few words.

Cathy’s friend husband told me about this medicine that kills cancer cells…they make it here.  The doctor said, “95  percent”. I’m hoping that means it’s 95 percent effective in treating me.  Other than that, he was pretty much shaking his head saying my body has no substance ….my cell metabolism, liver, kidneys, pancreas, uric acid, nervous system, lymph system, and oxygen level….is “not goot”.

So today I had 4 injections in the ass this morning, and this afternoon I had a colon cleanse.  My tummy feels pretty good, I must say.  Every morning at 9:00, they are going to do something with my blood (oxygen), stem cell injections, and some intravenous vitamin C.  On Tuesdays/Thursdays I will be having a colon cleanse.  I need to drink about 2 liters of water a day. Pamela, the colon cleaner, is from London…she is very nice and I can speak to her in English.  All of the patients I’ve seen in the waiting room are Italian.  I overheard one of them saying that the italian doctors told her there was nothing else they can do for her.  Another guy said the doctors in Italy treat you like a bunch of dogs.  One woman has scoliosis (she looks the healthiest of the lot and has been here 3 times) and there is a young woman in a wheelchair who seriously looks like she is at deaths door.  Bobo looked around the waiting room yesterday morning and said, “I feel like we are on the “Voyage of the Damned”.  He doesn’t know what anyone is talking about in Italian, so he makes up his own stuff.  He had me stitches laughing.

The food here is pretty good and most of the shopkeepers speak some English.  We went to the Toy store today where we bought a real German-made cuckoo clock made exclusively from the Black Forest (where we are now).  It plays “Edelweiss” and another song every hour, but you have to crank it up every day manually for it to work.  Our clock has people dancing round and round at the top, and a German couple moving in the front, a mill wheel that spins, a bird that pops out towards you and a man who pops out of the chimney.  It also has 3 pinecones on chains that operate the whole thing.  It’s  quite unique and beautifully painted and handcrafted. Bobo is happy.  He found Donald Duck here too. Disney is everywhere…even in Germany.


Wednesday, Feb. 5

IMG_0782Just had my ozone therapy (2 hours) and my stem cell injection.  My one and only vein in my right arm may not last the two weeks of taking blood, and having infusions.  I’m not suppose to use my left arm for anything because I have no lymph nodes (breast cancer surgery).  The doctor warned me that he may have to do it via my neck if my vein collapses…he said he learned how to do it two years ago.  Not feeling too confident in trying that technique right now particularly since I have no medical insurance if anything goes wrong (travel insurance companies conveniently refuse cancer patients coverage).  Can’t do the infusions through the veins my hand for some reason.

I think we are going to go to the Faberge museum today.  It’s raining outside and not a very nice day to be walking around in…you’d think we were in London, England.  I thought there was going to be snow since it was February and brought my winter boots!  No umbrella!

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