What NOT to Do When You Have a Pot of Burning Oil On The Stove

I learned something new today.

What NOT to do when you have a pot of burning oil on the stove.

I thought it was a good idea at the time, as the house fire alarms were blaring, to take the smelly, burning pot of oil from the stove, outdoors.  The front porch to be exact.  Just so the black smoke was outside, rather than inside.  I put the pot down, just outside the front door, on the carpeted porch.  Then I went back inside in haste, to open all the windows and air out the house (before the Rona guy came over to ask what was on fire).

This is what happens when your kids come home from school at lunch and you are trying to multi-task.  Obviously, my multi-tasking skills need some work because I forgot about that pot of oil on the stove.  I forgot I turned it on.  After the smoke subsided, I went out the front door to get the pot from the porch.  To my horror, I realized that it was stuck, no, no that’s not quite right, it actually, MELTED  the bloody carpet.  “Sh*#$%?”, I thought.  Well, look at that.  I now have a new design on my porch.

Maybe Bobo has a nice big pot I can put over that hole I just put in there.

Or perhaps, I should invest in a REALLY BIG Welcome Mat and put it over to the side a bit…or rather to the side A LOT.

Do ya think Rona fixes outdoor carpets?

(And yes, he did clean the tub).



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