Alternative Cancer Treatment, Last Day (Feb. 14, 2014)

Excerpt from my diary Friday, Feb., 14 (Alternative Cancer Treatment, Germany)

We are on our way to Frankfurt now.  Had five injections before we left.  We took a direct train (for obvious reasons) and had to wait about a half hour at the station for it.  Wonder what awaits us there.

Oh, lord help me.  The guy sitting in front of us smells like he hasn’t had a bath in years and the guy behind us has the worse breathe ever!  The only way I know that is that when his damn cell phone rings and he starts talking I think I’m going to barf.  Maybe we should have paid the extra 50 euros and taken the first class tickets!  Fifteen more minutes and we are there.  Please just get off the phone and close up da sewer!

Thank heavens.  He’s off da phone.  Please no one else phone him.  Air.  Breathe.

Danka Shan.



Alternative Medicine/Germany from Feb. 13

Excerpt from my Diary from Wednesday, Feb., 13

Bobo is learning (again) to give me my shots as painlessly as possible.  All I can say is he’s got a long way to go.  I had five injections this morning.  He did two of them.  You could tell which ones my husband gave me cause I was yelling my head off.  Dr Bukiebukie gave Bobo some rolled up cotton balls to put in his ears. As you can see, they get along famously, giggling like a bunch of school girls, as they pinch and stab me in the butt with needles.  Honestly.

Geoffrey had to do a two hour infusion today so unfortunately we ended up going to France without him and his wife.  I’m disappointed…they are nice people.  My feet are much better today now that the chemo is wearing off.


Guess what? We are in a train and we are lost once again.  We were looking for the station Appenweier, which we are positive we didn’t see.  I told wonk wonk that I thought we were suppose to get off at 9:50.  It was now close to 11:00 and I could see snow.  IMG_0934 IMG_0932I asked someone on the train who spoke broken English and the guy said to go back an hour.  So now I’m guessing, as we seem to be heading south, that we are closer to Switzerland than France.  I asked him where was this train going and he said it was going to the fish.  Yet another adventure.  Now that I think of it, he must have meant Swiss. That’s right, we are heading for Switzerland, even though we are really suppose to be going to France.


Now, we are back on another train on our way to Offenberger (some station, north of Triberg…you know, the place where Bobo really wants to get off to go to a Christmas store he saw, which, as he keeps telling me, should be open today.  IMG_0862It was closed on Sunday when we went there and he was very, very disappointed.  That is all he has been thinking about since then. I just kept humming the song “The Hills Are Alive with the Sound of Music because I swear we are well on our way to the Alps. Bobo said we would not do well on that show “The Amazing Race”.  I agree. I told him I would have left him behind because I knew we should have got off the train when I said so. It doesn’t seem to matter what name the sign says at the train stations, you just have to get off at the time it tells you to. Besides, I think I would be okay in The Amazing Race because I speak 3 languages, ask people for directions, and don’t pay attention to the stations on the train tickets, but the times we are suppose to get off!  Bobo said we could start a new show… The Wayward Travellers.  I think we should call it “Now where the F#%$ are we?”


Okay… just arrived in France and discovered a McDonald’s with free wi-fi. Hurray! Took a lot of photos of the medieval town Strasbourg.  Would love to send them to you right now, but I can’t seem to send messages to anyone from my ipad…it’s not working properly… Will have to wait till I get home.

IMG_0947 IMG_0960 IMG_0962 IMG_0984 IMG_0993 IMG_0998 IMG_0999 IMG_1024 IMG_1033

Alternative Medicine/Germany from Feb. 10/11

Excerpt from my diary of Trip to Germany, Feb. 10-11, 2014

On Saturday I had a 2 NaCl  intravenous and iron/artesunat in my non-lymph node arm.  I’m getting a bit anxious about Tuesday when I find out whether or not the treatment is  working.  The skin underneath my eyes were turning a bit black after the iron infusion. I look like a raccoon. Today I had to do a urine sample and I am now hooked up for an ozone treatment.  The first two times they tried to find a vein, they collapsed.  My right arm is quite purple.  IMG_0782They are going to have to use my left arm now.  I think my intestines are doing much better from the look of my stool this morning…much much better. I would like to take a short day trip to Strasberg in France.  Got to go either today or Wednesday because I have afternoon colon cleanses booked for Tuesday and Thursday. Looks like one of the doctors is preparing some more injections for me.  Augh! This afternoon it was raining so we went to the Faberge museum…nice place. It’s not always open. No one is allowed to take photos of anything in there, but there is a giant rabbit in the garden in the back I will have to get a photo of.  Going to hang around with the Italian couple again.  They feed us well and they are fun to be with!


Had my ozone/ferritin infusion this morning and two shots.  First time, my vein collapsed.  Second time it was good.  Couldn’t move to jinx it; it hurt.  Quietly listened to Christmas music Sia sent me from Australia on my ipod. Went to see Dr Sommer in the afternoon…was dreading what he was going to say.  He is a man of few words…he didn’t want Bobo in there either which made me nervous…but everything is pretty much okay.  Lymph system and kidneys are still not functioning optimally, but everything else is good.  He said the cancer is dormant/sleeping and I don’t have to take the chemo drug…alleluia.  I don’t think I could stand taking the Xeloda anymore anyway…my feet are ruined and need to recoup.  Hopefully the German drug artesunate is going to keep the cancer in check…which I’d much rather take that than xeloda.  No side effects. I need to send a urine sample here in three months (May). I’m suppose to have a CT scan in Toronto in March.  All is good, thank the good Lord for that. IMG_0923Celebrated with a glass of champagne, prawns and spaghetti aioli olio, espresso, and the most amazing dessert made out of hazelnuts (tasted like Ferrero chocolates).  It was soooo good.  Sucked the brains out of the prawns too.  They were so delicious…grossed out Bobo because the eyeballs were still on them. 
Decided to try my luck at the casino.  Geoffrey and Carmella joined us.  Geoffrey told us that no one wins there…he was right.  It wasn’t like Vegas at all where you hear the constant dinging of the bells from people winning and it really stunk of cigarette smoke.  We were there for about 2 hours…lost $40…it kind of was a rip off, but it was good entertainment for a while. There were hardly any people in there.  And get this, you have to pay to get in!  We weren’t able to go to the card tables because we had to dress up to get admitted…we were delegated to the downstairs gambling department.  Now my tummy hurts…couldn’t take the smell of the cigarettes; it turns my stomach.  Oh well.  IMG_0774Unfortunately, I also dropped my phone on the granite floor at the casino after talking to my Australian cousin, Boo.  Gotta go find my friend at the Internet cafe to see if he can get it working again or else I will have to buy another phone.  (he is very nice to me…he gave me a ticket to the Festspielhaus so I could attend a concert of a woman (Alice Sarah Ott) playing Mozart and Schubert on a grand piano).

It’s nice outside, spring-like.  I like walking around here, even at night.  Very safe.  Need to phone home and hear how the kids did with their report cards!  Hope Claire is okay with the cats being in the house. Tomorrow we are hoping to go to Strasbourg, France.  Looks like they have a lot of medieval buildings to see.  It’s an hour away by train.  I really enjoy travelling by’s so quiet and relaxing to see the country-side. I like being a tourist…beats being stuck in the clinic with an IV attached to you.  Tomorrow should be a good day…only 4 injections…that’ll give my arms some time to heal.  Today I asked Dr Bukiebukie (that’s what his patients call him…Italian for “holes” …get it…they guy who pokes holes in people) to heat up my arms to get my veins to pop up.  It worked.  My arm didn’t turn black all around the puncture mark after we heated them up with a lamp.  Going to try that again on Thursday…hopefully that will be the last of my many infusions. Au revoir!  Gotta practice mon Francais.

Triberg, Germany…Land of 1000 Cuckoo Clocks

Excerpt from my diary on Feb. 9, 2014

IMG_0830IMG_0821We are on our way to see the World’s Largest Cuckoo Clock store, in Triberg Germany.  It will take us about 1 1/2 hours to get there by train… 9 euros.  It looks like a quaint little town in the Black Forest.  Perhaps this afternoon we’ll find a cafe and try some Black Forest cake.

Many houses along this route have solar panels on their roofs.  Every town has a church with a tall steeple which you can see from anywhere in town.  And there are interesting castle like look-outs on the tops of the hills to protect the towns from invaders. Very mountainous terrain.

IMG_0808 IMG_0807 IMG_0806 IMG_0805From the train station, we went for a long walk into the town.  Didn’t take long to find some really beautiful stores.

IMG_0839 IMG_0836IMG_0848The first one we went to was the store with 1000 Clocks.  It was incredible…the workmanship that went into each and every one those clocks.  Upstairs they had a room full of teddy bears.  There was a gorgeous hand-made bed in there too…so ornate. I broke a pepper shaker by accident.  Oppps!  The shopkeeper was okay with it though and cleaned it up without a fuss.

IMG_0861IMG_0854We then went into a German restaurant.  Would you believe there are more Italian restaurants here than anything else.  Pizza pizza everywhere..the real wood oven kind.  We’ve discovered that “Pepperonis” on restaurant menus are really hot chili peppers and paprika are sweet peppers.  Bizarre. I had a vegetable strudel. It was alright.  I really enjoyed the salad that came with it. Then for the ultimate dessert ever…a Black Forest cake which I ate in the Black Forest.  Im telling you that that was one of the best cakes I have ever had in my entire life.  Divine.  Simply divine.  I have never had such light frothy fresh whip cream before.  It was real…no preservatives so I wasn’t coughing for 3 days like I usually do when I eat whip cream.  Each layer tasted so different.  The strawberries were really good too.  Must have been marinated in something for a while…probably some kind of liquor. I can’t eat Black Forest cakes in Canada…it gives me a headache and my lungs can’t tolerate it either because I become quite asthmatic (because of the perservatives).  But this, this was so good.IMG_0859

IMG_0890IMG_0895After lunch we went across the street to a museum full of clocks and music boxes.  It was so neat.  We used up all our $1 euros playing the gigantic music boxes and there was even a huge model train scene that we got running too.  That was quite the place. I bet they weren’t sorry when we left because I think we tried every one of the gadgets that asked for coins because it was fun to see what they would do. The giant music boxes were so old, yet they worked perfectly.

IMG_0851Unfortunately, we were running out of time…we had to get back to the station by 5:18 because that was the last train left to go back to Baden-Baden.  We went with Carmela and Gregory, the Italian couple we met from Richmond Hill. So as we are on our way back running back towards the train station, we quickly stepped back into the store with 1000 clocks to pick up some stuff…a German doll for Valentine’s day from Bobo to me and a cuckoo clock for my parents.  Picked up a Black Forest girl and boy key chain for the kids too.  I really wanted to go into a store that had a million carvings made out of Black Forest wood which was now open.  (Most stores are not open on Sunday, and some open later than others).  The carvings were unbelievably beautiful and mostly religious.

IMG_0814 IMG_0811 IMG_0812I wish we had more time to peruse in there but our time was running out.  We didn’t think we’d get to the train station on time so we kept a look-out for a taxi.  Lucky for us we found one coming towards us driving in the other direction.


It was freezing cold between those mountains and it was snowing lightly.  My feet were killing me by then…I was so happy to see that taxi and successfully flagged it down. We got to the train station with a bit of time to spare.  What an enjoyable afternoon. That was a lovely place to see.