Alternative Medicine/Germany from Feb. 13

Excerpt from my Diary from Wednesday, Feb., 13

Bobo is learning (again) to give me my shots as painlessly as possible.  All I can say is he’s got a long way to go.  I had five injections this morning.  He did two of them.  You could tell which ones my husband gave me cause I was yelling my head off.  Dr Bukiebukie gave Bobo some rolled up cotton balls to put in his ears. As you can see, they get along famously, giggling like a bunch of school girls, as they pinch and stab me in the butt with needles.  Honestly.

Geoffrey had to do a two hour infusion today so unfortunately we ended up going to France without him and his wife.  I’m disappointed…they are nice people.  My feet are much better today now that the chemo is wearing off.


Guess what? We are in a train and we are lost once again.  We were looking for the station Appenweier, which we are positive we didn’t see.  I told wonk wonk that I thought we were suppose to get off at 9:50.  It was now close to 11:00 and I could see snow.  IMG_0934 IMG_0932I asked someone on the train who spoke broken English and the guy said to go back an hour.  So now I’m guessing, as we seem to be heading south, that we are closer to Switzerland than France.  I asked him where was this train going and he said it was going to the fish.  Yet another adventure.  Now that I think of it, he must have meant Swiss. That’s right, we are heading for Switzerland, even though we are really suppose to be going to France.


Now, we are back on another train on our way to Offenberger (some station, north of Triberg…you know, the place where Bobo really wants to get off to go to a Christmas store he saw, which, as he keeps telling me, should be open today.  IMG_0862It was closed on Sunday when we went there and he was very, very disappointed.  That is all he has been thinking about since then. I just kept humming the song “The Hills Are Alive with the Sound of Music because I swear we are well on our way to the Alps. Bobo said we would not do well on that show “The Amazing Race”.  I agree. I told him I would have left him behind because I knew we should have got off the train when I said so. It doesn’t seem to matter what name the sign says at the train stations, you just have to get off at the time it tells you to. Besides, I think I would be okay in The Amazing Race because I speak 3 languages, ask people for directions, and don’t pay attention to the stations on the train tickets, but the times we are suppose to get off!  Bobo said we could start a new show… The Wayward Travellers.  I think we should call it “Now where the F#%$ are we?”


Okay… just arrived in France and discovered a McDonald’s with free wi-fi. Hurray! Took a lot of photos of the medieval town Strasbourg.  Would love to send them to you right now, but I can’t seem to send messages to anyone from my ipad…it’s not working properly… Will have to wait till I get home.

IMG_0947 IMG_0960 IMG_0962 IMG_0984 IMG_0993 IMG_0998 IMG_0999 IMG_1024 IMG_1033

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