Alternative Cancer Treatment, Last Day (Feb. 14, 2014)

Excerpt from my diary Friday, Feb., 14 (Alternative Cancer Treatment, Germany)

We are on our way to Frankfurt now.  Had five injections before we left.  We took a direct train (for obvious reasons) and had to wait about a half hour at the station for it.  Wonder what awaits us there.

Oh, lord help me.  The guy sitting in front of us smells like he hasn’t had a bath in years and the guy behind us has the worse breathe ever!  The only way I know that is that when his damn cell phone rings and he starts talking I think I’m going to barf.  Maybe we should have paid the extra 50 euros and taken the first class tickets!  Fifteen more minutes and we are there.  Please just get off the phone and close up da sewer!

Thank heavens.  He’s off da phone.  Please no one else phone him.  Air.  Breathe.

Danka Shan.



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