Back to Germany

Dear Readers,

I recently went back to Germany for another two week cancer treatment. Three days before I left, my latest MRI showed that I had two new tumours on C2 (neck) and T6 (spine).

I figured something was going on anyway because my back was hurting every morning when I woke up. I think I messed around too much with my medication from Germany which I stopped taking in August/September when my doctors here told me that I had extensive metastatic disease in my bone marrow. I started taking chemo again for a month, then discovered there really wasn’t anything in my bone marrow. The artesunat medication that I got from Germany made my hemoglobin very low and I was told here that I would need blood transfusions if it didn’t improve. So I stopped taking it.

I phoned my doctor in Germany, who sent me some liquid form of iron called Gelum. Within 3 weeks, my hemoglobin was normal again. Better yet, I also asked him to send me something for my heart because I was getting a lot of irregular heartbeats when my heart doctor put me on two medications. He sent me a liquid form of CoEnzyme Q10 called Sanomit. Shortly thereafter I had an echo done and guess what? My heart is now normal…it hasn’t been normal for 5 years…ever since I had chemo. I was thrilled.

So off I went back to Germany. I had a fabulous time there with my husband and two kids as we travelled to visit many of the Christmas Markets while we were there (my husband always wanted to do this).

I will blog about my adventures soon. Gotta get ready for Christmas first!