Here Come The Penguins




Mucositis-5-150x150Still having some trouble with my throat this week (because of my neck radiation treatment from 2 weeks ago…the gift that keeps on giving).  Developed mucositis (mucous lining stripped because of radiation + infection) and was prescribed Codeine for the pain and Lidocaine mouthwash to sooth my poor throat).  At first the back of my mouth looked like this picture which I got from the internet (white patches) and then the next day it looked angry red.  I thought I had strep throat.  Now I seem to be spitting up blood every morning from the area from my nose to my throat.   I’ve been spraying with saline to get that under control.

IMG_9582IMG_9577Went to lunch with my buddies from high school at the Old Mill on Tuesday.  Decided that “All You Can Eat Buffet” was going down, regardless if my throat hurt.  We had a nice time. I can’t believe we have been friends for 36 years.  I got everyone lost the first day of high school!  And guess what, they still are my friends!

Our Intermediate Girls volleyball team (co-coaching) won their games on Wednesday…but it was a nail-biter!  Could have gone either way.  Gotta practice some more.


I got Bobo to start giving me my injections from Germany on Wednesday night.  I haven’t been taking them while undergoing radiation treatment.  Made me a bit uneasy thinking the cancer may be having a field day for 3 weeks.  Bobo forgot the exact location/target area on my derriere as to where to insert the needle and I was a howling a way.  “It’s not my fault”, he cried.  “All the old puncture marks have disappeared!).  That’s his story and he’s sticking to it.  That night I woke up with a fever and my P.J’s were soaking wet.  “Thank heaven’s”, I thought, “The injection is causing my immune system to kick in.  Fight away!  I’m going back to sleep!”


Visited my heart doctor on Thursday because I was worried that my blood pressure was a lot higher than normal.

He asked me what was happening.  I told him that I was undergoing radiation treatment to take care of 2 spots on my neck, one on my back and a couple on my pelvis.  After one of my radiation sessions when they bolted me to the table with my face mask, my heart rate was 165/105.  He said that was situational and if that was happening on a regular basis then 20 years from now, I’d have a problem.  So not to worry about it.


I also told him that I noticed there was a blood pressure increase for several days in mid-cycle (after I got the shot in the stomach to put me into menopause) when I had a whole lot of pain in my spine.  It was so bad, I almost checked myself into the hospital.  He told me that my heart is going to react to pain and that was normal.









“Good”, I said.   “Glad to hear it”.  I’m still doing the treatment from Germany because it worked for me for a good 10 months and it’s better then what they were giving me from here that made my feet burn.  Besides, when that didn’t work, they were planning on giving me Taxol again which was the drug that heart stop dead.  So I’m passing on the conventional treatment right.  However I opted for radiation because I figured it was better to zap them now before they got too big and caused me to get a screw in my neck like Frankenstein or more metal rods in my back.


He shook his head at me in awe and said I can’t believe all the stuff you have been through.   Your EEG looks a lot better than most of my cancer patients, so don’t worry about your heart.  I’m not going to give you another appointment.  Just call me when you need me.










You know you are all right when the doctor says he doesn’t need to see you!  Hurray.  One less appt/doc. to worry about for a while.  Cancer often feels a full time job, you know.


My house-keeper came to clean my house today, so I decided I’d better disappear.  Went to my friend’s grade 1 class (6 year olds) and made some really cute penguins…again I know I’m biased…but what can I say.  Here they are!  I love them!










Thinking about putting it on pinterest, but I don’t know how.  I got the idea from someone’s “pin” and tweaked the art lesson my way.

(Next weeks art project is a Winter Birch Tree Scene….stay tuned)





4 thoughts on “Here Come The Penguins

  1. Happy belated birthday Maria.
    You look like a movie star sitting at that table with your fur hat & scarf! So chic!
    You really suit that hat. Love the Penguins & how the wings are all positioned differently. The gr 6 art looks amazing! I wonder what art activity you’ll do next after the birch trees. Can’t wait to see.

    • Thanks Linda. I get so many comments about that hat every where I go. The gr. 1’s all wanted to touch it and wear it when I went to their class. You are welcome to join us this Tuesday if you want to come paint with us!

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