Grinning from ear to ear today!

Went to see my radiation doctor who smiled at me and told me my spine was stable, I looked great and “What exactly are you doing from Germany?”

Although I was REALLY tempted to tell him I was taking snake venom (which cuts off the blood supply tumours need to grow), I kept my mouth shut and shrugged because Bobo and Ric both told me not to say anything.  “You know I haven’t been taking anything from here in over 1 1/2 years” I told him.  “I know”, he said, “That’s amazing and you look really good too.  “How much did it cost you?”  $5,000 euros for a two week treatment ($7,500 CDN) I told him (although that does not include travel expenses, lodging, food, transportation, and meds).

He said that he has another patient who went to Germany for treatment and he is doing really well too.  He also said, get this, “You should tell your oncologist to look into it!” HA HA HA HA HA!

Never thought I’d ever hear a doctor say that!

I love my radiation guy!  Finally, someone on the same page as me!

I told him my oncologist thinks it’s quackery.

Man I hope he writes something about this in his clinical notes to my onc.  That would be sooooo lovely.

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