Rant about Walmart, Robbers In My Neighbourhood, and Dad, You Are One in a Minion


Intended to post this on Father’s Day, but my internet was giving me problems. Sorry I’m late!

This spring chicken is still very sore from my LaserQuest escapade over a week ago.  In fact, if the pain doesn’t get better soon, I think I may have to err in the side of caution and request an x-ray or MRI on my back.  It kind of feels like the time I fractured my back.  That’s not good.  That’ll teach me.

IMG_0848I ran out of snake venom and am only taking what looks mostly like vitamins and injections 3x a week, right now from Germany.  That has me a little bit concerned. I’m happy to say that the bottle of Sanomit (liquid Co-enzyme Q10) has really improved my heart…I can now walk up a flight of stairs without being breathless now and the arrhythmias (irregular heartbeats) I was having has stopped.  My recent echo test shows me at 55%, down from 62%, but that is still in the normal range (55-75).  Hearts still good. Backs bad.  What can you do?

Frick just came back from Quebec.  All I can say is that it was very quiet when she was gone.

I actually heard my son speak!

Brother For Sale

Anyhow, I hope you have a Happy Father’s Day.  Decided to post some of the watercolour minions I made with a grade 3/4 class at my school.  Dad, You Are One In A Minion!

Here they are!


IMG_0851 IMG_0852 IMG_0853IMG_0854 IMG_0855


Now, if you have time.  I am going on another rant about Walmart.  Needed a carpet for the entrance to my side door.  Found one at Walmart.  Drag it (it was heavy) to the cashier with the help of Frack.  Backs really sore now.

walmart need anythingWaited in line.  HATE line ups at Walmart.  Aggravated.  Finally, my turn.  NO F’n bar code/tag/price tag on the carpet I picked.  She puts my item on the side.  Calls for another ding bat. No ding bat shows up for another hour.  Standing in line, (back hurts more when standing still).  Asked the cashier if I could go back there and get it myself .  Sure.  I go ALL the way back to the carpet section half way across store.  Found same carpet.  No bar code.  Found the bar code on plastic thing on shelf.  Take it out.  Take picture on my ipad of the carpet and the bar code.  Back to cashier, who is with another customer. Give her bar code.  Show her ipad picture.  Looks like she doesn’t believe me.  See another ding bat dressed in blue vest behind her. She gives it to him and tell him to go back to the carpet area and make sure it’s the right one.  “ARE YOU KIDDING ME?”  I holler?  I just went there and got that thing for nothing?   I sat on her bag area and complained bitterly of how I have cancer in my back and it is killing me and I have to wait even longer for some guy to check it after brought the damn bar code over myself. Stewed about it for about a minute and then yelled, “Forget it!  I am going HOME”.  And that folks, is what happens when you are agitated and in pain.  Go Home.



Dragged my husband to another Walmart the next day to get me a carpet!




And earlier on, I had a fight with the manager/customer sales rep. for an hour because the idiot they sent to find the leak in my bathroom was incompetent and I still have a leak.  They aren’t going to do anything about it.  I am bitter.  Don’t ever hire Rona Home and Gardens for anything.  I warned you.


The only good thing that happened to me that day is that I coerced Starbucks to give me free coffee for our graduation on Tuesday.  God Bless Starbucks.




A couple of nights ago someone tried breaking into a house at the corner of my street.  The poor guy was sitting in his bedroom (he has 2 kids too) while people were trying to climb into his window.  Fortunately, someone had already called the cops and they arrived to catch 3 of them.  The fourth went running down the street.  One of my neighbours nearby chased him down and sat on him till the cops came and got him.  3 boys and 1 girl altogether.  Gosh, haven’t had this kind of excitement in my neighbourhood since the woman with the giant knife came to my my house….but that’s another story.  This is all hearsay from what Bobo got from the neighbourhood.


P.S.  There is a new LaserQuest opening up in Whitby in July.

I still haven’t survived the last attack.

I got 3 free tickets.

Anyone want mine?


I Am No Spring Chicken

PillsI Am No Spring Chicken.

There comes a time in your life when you must stare reality in the face and come to the conclusion that you are no longer a spring chicken. Reality has hit me big time and in a big way. This is why I’m lying in bed right now with a glass of water and the very best oxycocet painkillers conveniently located by my side.

Sometimes in life we make bad choices. Our mind says, “Oh, that looks like fun. You simply must try it”. And your body says, “Are you out of your freaking mind, don’t do it”. And then, then you have these external forces…people who come out of the wood-work and say, “Oh, go on. Try it. It’s so much fun”. And you think, “Oh, what the heck, why not, just do it”…like the Nike commercial says ….just do it!

Well on Thursday, Frack decided to have his birthday party at LaserQuest. I was all for it because it involved very little planning on my part other than getting the food and no clean up.

Birthday Cake


I asked Wan (her side business is called Wan’s Wonderful Cakes) to make me something for Frack with a soccer ball on it.  She is very artistic, a definite Cake Boss.  It had his name on it and Have A Ball On Your Birthday on the side.

While there, thought it might be rather fun to shoot all those kids, including mine, with a laser gun. What can I say, I’m a big kid at heart. The last time I did this was many years ago when I took my class to the CN Tower. Part of the package deal was to play LaserTag. I barely shot anyone because I was “dead” or “inactivated” a majority of the time because I was constantly being “hit”.  All the kids in my class, including the ones that were supposedly on my team, ganged up on me. Unbeknownst to me, it was “Kill The Teacher Day.” I was their favourite target. My score card at the end of the game was dismal. All I remember was my vest constantly vibrating whilst being attacked. Little shits. You should have seen the smug looks on their faces after the game when I asked them why they shot me since we were suppose to be on the same team!

So a part of me wanted some kick-ass kiddie revenge stemming from years of pent up emotions. Besides everything for the party was set up and ready to go and I had nothing to do while they went to play and I wanted to play too. Do I sound like I’m whining now? It’s called justification for my stupid actions.

Burn your ass

Yes, in hindsight, the whole thing was a very, very bad idea… Not for the kids, just for me. I had that intuition “Oh this is going to hurt for a couple of days when I put the battery pack contraption over my head and it felt like I was piggy backing a 40 pound baby”. Not something you want to do when you have a fractured spine held together with cement and metal rods…you know, I’m just warning you, just in case something like this ever happens to you.

Needless to say, me, LaserMama kicked butt in there coming in a cool third place.
My prize? My back is seriously killing me…and smug satisfaction that this old broad ain’t done yet. One day, hopefully soon, my back will feel better and my mind will rejoice with the memory of being victorious against the little people.


girl scout

FiremenThis weeks artistic endeavour involved painting two telephone booth murals at CAMH (Canadian Addiction and Mental Health Hospital). I’d tell you to go and have a look if you are ever in the area, however, it’s located on the Psychosis Floor. Needless to say you just can’t walk in there without permission, a swipe card to open many doors, and a guard. My friend Wanetta, who works there and convinced me to do this project with her, was my art assistant and bodyguard. I also had my own personal alarm, to call in the troops, if necessary. There were times we couldn’t work on one of the telephone booths because a violent offenders room was across from it. However I got to know many of the inmates/clients by the end of the week and discovered they were really very nice young people. Some even volunteered to help. Wan is now trying to convince me to do art lessons with them in the fall. Hmmmm…let’s add that to my resume. I’d bring in some palette knives to do some acrylic paintings, but they may want to kill the teacher too.

Here are some pics. of the two finished telephone booths.

Booth 2 Booth 1





By the way, Frick came in 7th in the City Finals this week at Birchmount Stadium for Javelin Throwing.  Proud Mama.


And finally, somebody please call me a massage therapist.


Lung X-Ray Results


I went to see my oncologist yesterday for my 2 shots in the stomach and my much anticipated x-ray of my lungs.

Last month when I ended up in the ER with chest pains/breathing problems, I had a CT scan.  The technician reported that there was “probable evidence” of metastatic breast cancer invading my lungs.  My oncologist said that within 3 weeks it would most likely spread and I would probably have to have my lungs drained of fluid.  My family doctor,  foreshadowing  my steady demise, told me she thought I should get back on chemo. (like my oncologist said I should).  My benefits team of doctors also warned me that there were mets in my lungs and told me to get back on Tamoxifen to see if that would make a difference.  Meanwhile, I was sitting tight thinking that they were all wackos (my husband concurred).  I mean, I know that they are concerned that I’m not doing conventional treatment, but boy they really jump on the cancer bandwagon when something looks different on a scan.  I mean, it can’t be something ordinary.  It has to be cancer!  How about allergies or some other explanation?  Nope.  Cancer.  Three against one.

IMG_0657IMG_0656I felt better after seeing my radiation oncologist last week.  My spirits were buoyed when he told me there was no evidence of mets progression in my spine. It now became three against two because he was impressed that I was doing so well and he wanted to know what I was doing in Germany.  I told my family doctor that it didn’t make sense that my spine was fine and all of the sudden there was metastasis growing in my lungs.  She said cancer can go anywhere it wants.  That’s fine and dandy lady, but isn’t it probable that it would be advancing in my spine too?  I decided my family doctor is really not too bright.  I mean, I didn’t go to medical school or anything like that, but really?  This whole thing seriously did not make any sense to me.  And besides, I’m still shaking my head at her last stupid comment when I had an ear infection (in February) and she told me I should get my face x-rayed because the cancer may have spread to some bone near my ear.  My oncologist practically had a heart attack suppressing a burst of laughter when I told him that one!  I could see tears in his eyes and even he told me that maybe it was time to a get a new family doctor because cancer doesn’t work that way.

IMG_0655 IMG_0654 IMG_0653So as I was waiting to see my oncologist for my x-ray results, I got an email from myUHN account (a new program which informs you when your test results are in).  Bonus!  Now I get to know what’s going on before he even comes into the room.  Scanned it quickly.

The cardiac pericardial silhouette is normal. There is a small nodular opacity in the right lower lung better visualized in the chest CT.There is mild linear fibrosis in the lung apices. (that’s scarring from radiation)

There is no other significant abnormality seen in the lungs.

There is no significant abnormality seen in the mediastinum.

There is no pleural effusion.

SMIRK!  So there is nothing really going on my lungs.  “Oh, this is going to be a good appointment,” I chuckled to myself.


Now, do you think he would admit that I was stable and that whatever I was doing in Germany was working for me?  Nope!  He just picked up the box of zolada (shot that stops my periods/estrogen which I’ve been on for years and I still had progression while on it) and said, “Oh this must be working for you and you must have a really slow growing cancer”.  “Yeah, sure,” I thought.  “I’ve been diagnosed with a very aggressive form of DCIS and it magically has disappeared.  I haven’t been on conventional medication for a good 1 1/2 years and I’m doing okay!   A big part of me wanted to tell him that the snake venom was doing the trick, but I kept my big mouth shut.  However, one day it’s going to come out!  And I can’t wait to see his face when I tell him that!  I will need some sort of video recording device to capture the moment.  And I want my husband there so we can laugh about it for many years to come.  


And then my onc. burst my little bubble some more by saying that this test wasn’t as good as the CT Scan (which shows more).  Hang on there bud.  Wasn’t I told that I suppose to be chock full of mets in 3 weeks and shouldn’t I be having my lung drained by now?  

IMG_0649“So what do you want to do now?” he asked me.  “Nothing”, I told him.  I’m having some issues with my heart which I need to address.  Right now, I’m staying off everything.  He told me the tamoxifen may have contributed to the fluid build up around my heart.  I really don’t think it was that…I’m quite certain it’s from the overdose of stuff that naturopathic dr gave me a week before the heart problems started.  I’m having an echo done on Monday and I’ll be sporting a 24 hour holter monitor on Monday.  I investigated everything I was taking (vitamins/supplements) and have come to the conclusion that everything I was on was interacting with each other.  So now I’m off pretty much everything until things settle down. 

IMG_0648I feel much better today and my new shipment of injections/drugs have arrived from Germany.  My oncologist nurse told me I lost too much weight (10 pounds due to gluten-free, sugar free, dairy free crappy diet) and there was not much stomach fat to stab me with the needles.  I told her that I like seeing my toes when I look down.  She shook her head at me and told me to be careful, cancer patients need all the nutrients they can get from food.  


So I went to an All You Can Eat Buffet after that appointment to celebrate!  Food, here I come!

I started juicing more at home too.  Still can’t walk up a flight of stairs without huffing and puffing…will know what my heart’s ejection fraction is some time next week.  I know it’s not normal, but I hope it rebounds for the better soon… I’ve got places to go and people to see!


P.S.  Frick came in 4th place for Javelin throwing in the East Toronto Finals at Birchmount Stadium and will be going on to the City Finals on Tuesday.  That girl’s got a good throwing arm.


I met someone at the Naturopathic clinic who has breast cancer and was basically told she was incurable and was going to die.  Like me, she is not doing conventional treatment.  She went to Tijuana and The Issel’s Foundation ($70,000) and managed to shrink her tumour from about 8 cm to  0.7 cm.  However, her disease is now progressing.  Told her about Germany.  Guess where she is today?  Yup.  Flew to Baden-Baden and begins treatment Monday.  I really hope Dr. Sommer can help her as her oncologist here is the same as mine.

Wouldn’t that be something?  More arsenal for alternative treatment in Germany when two of us are sporting good results, don’t you think?.  Wonder if I can find and ship some more of his patients to Germany.


By the way, I think I should give you his address in case any of you are in a pickle and need alternative treatment.

Cell Vital Clinic (cellvital@freenet.de  (or) info@cellvital.net)  Telephone:  011 49 7221 39 19 49

Dr. Daniel Sommer

Lange Strasse  72

Baden-Baden, Germany

Web-Site:  www.cellvital.net


Todays paintings were created by our grade 1 students (with the help of the grades 7/8’s because they were having trouble cutting out their fish with scissors) in the style of Eric Carle.  I have tremendous respect for grade 1 teachers because I think it’s one of the hardest grades to teach.