Welcome To Vancouver





Continued from this (Saturday) morning…..

You won’t believe this.  So I get off the bus and a short homeless man with really big nostrils comes right in my face and begs for money while the bus driver tells him to get lost. The bus driver then  tells me to wait for a taxi under an overcrowded awning with about 50 people in there and then starts yelling at the homeless man again.  I figured it was time to disappear and quickly grabbed my bags and started heading towards where I thought was the general direction of my hotel and lo and behold I then see a naked tattooed guy in a diaper right in front of me.

Welcome to Vancouver!

Eventually made it to my new hotel…The Residence Inn Marriot and got stuck in the elevator.  It refused to take me to my floor. Momentarily had a panic attack when the doors closed and I wasn’t going anywhere.  Eventually someone came on board and told me I had to use my hotel card to operate the elevator. Duh!

Went to the Vancouver Aquarium where I’m happy to report that I this centre does not take wild animals out of their natural habitats.  It’s the only one like that in the world.  Purely a non profit charitable agency too.  All their exhibits are cast offs from other aquariums where the animal/fish were being “let go”.  Most would not be able to survive in the wild or they were too injured.  Some of their animals get nursed back to health and then they are let free in the wild if they get well enough. One of their dolphins, Helen, was injured after she got tangled in some nets.

Anyhow, here are some pics of the Vancouver Aquarium.  I met up with a couple for dinner that I met in Whistler so I was in good company tonight!  Tomorrow it’s suppose to rain again.  We are going on the hop on hop sightseeing bus in the rain.  Weather is suppose to be better on Monday.


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