Nightmare Needle Mishap, Stories from the Train (Kamloops to Banf)

This picture was taken at sunrise in Kamloops.


Nightmareimage Needle Mishap, and Stories from the Rocky Mountaineer Train (Kamloops To Banff)




I’mimage afraid I didn’t do a good job stabbing myself in the stomach yesterday…wrong angle, didn’t go deep enough or something went terribly wrong. As a result, it got quite bloody and I rather convinced myself that I hit an organ and was goiimageng to die right here in Kamloops. Although it was only 9:30ish here, it was about 1:30ish at home where I proceeded to call Bobo for help. Not that he could do much about my situation anyway being thousands of miles away, but I thought I’d ring and say good bye. I figured he would calm me down. I knew he was still up, but he hides in the man cave downstairs and I’m sure he didn’t hear the phone ringing because although I phoned 4 times…no one was picking up upstairs.


imageLucky for me I got a free messaging account called “What’s App” and wrote to Boo, my Aussie cousin, who called me immediately to calm my frazzled nerves. It’s always good to have someone on the other side of the world to talk to when you are having a crisis.  The connection was not that good. She told me to move closeimager to the window. I then Looked out my window and was aghast to see a very large electrical hydro tower.  Great! Huge Electromagnetic field on the same level as my room. Sure that’s exactly what I need at this point in my life. Boo told me to phone the concierge and move. Was not happy that I had to get out of my PJ’s, grab my luggage and move to the last room in the hotel on the second floor, but figured that was preferable to getting zapped while I slept.  Remembered in one of my psych courses that your brain waves are wired/active when you are close to these towers so I didn’t feel I exactly had a choice about moving, even if I had to change hotels.

Anyhow, my abdomen is quite blue and bruised this morning and all I could think about was how I was going to have to find a nurse/Dr on this bloody train because I was not going to try do the needleimage thing again tonight. Then I thought about asking the train crew if they could find me a medical clinic in Banff, but I think we are arriving at around 7:00 and it probably will be closed. As luck would have it, Heavens Angels are clearly watching over me because the very first person I told my sorry tale to at breakfast this morning was from New Zealand and she happens to be a nurse! Life is good once again… Especially when it’s snack time and Yu are offered Merlot with cheese and crackers.  God Bless Nurses!


imageIMG_2426Breakfast consisted of fresh fruit and a croissant so crispy on the outside that it tasted like the real ones made in Paris.  So yummy.  I ordered the eggs with salmon, home-made potatoes, mushrooms, tomatoes and lemon creme fraise.  It was so good I ordered it again the next day.



Stories on the train…..
IMG_2965For over two years, a woman named Ms. Johnson would religiously go outside her house and wave to the trains going by. One day, the engineer decided to give her a little package so he slowed down the train, and threw her a little gift on her lawn of her house. A few days later, her son emailed Rocky Mountaineer to thank them for the gift and said, “How did you know it was her birthday?

IMG_3038Near Kamloops we went by a place called Salmander Lake….A man bought a house and did realize that a train went by it very day and blew its horn. He got so agitated with all the noise the train made, he decided to get his rifle and shoot every train that went by.  He also decided to shock everyone by wearing absolutely nothing when the train went by except for his “gumboots.”   The CP Rail couldn’t have that so they decided not to blow the whistle anymore near the guys house and changed the train switches so it didn’t make so much noise.

IMG_2625We were also told a story about the first train robbery… By Billy Miner.  Rode by horse with 2 friends to a train that had gold on it, startled the engineer, told him to “Put his hands up!”…. That’s where that phrase came from. Disconnected the car with the loot and said.. “Good night boys, sorry to have troubled you.” Got away with gold and a bond worth $8000.
He became too greedy and decided to rob another train, but this time in Kamloops on a train that had been delayed for 5 hours. Kamloops….Bad idea. Arid, no trees. Told the engineer to “Put his hands up” and proceeded to disconnect a car, not realizing he had the wrong one. It was full of mail, not gold. But the mail was worth at least $3500, unbeknownst to him, which was a lot of money in those days. So he took off with his friends with nothing but $15.  The RCMP got some Indian trackers after them who discovered them hiding in a remote cabin. Billy told the police he was just there to do some gold digging and convinced him of this. Friend then shot and killed one of the cops. Billy was  captured and sent to prison for 25 years. He only remain incarcerated for one year for that crime.  Apparently he walked right out the front door and was never seen again!

Check this out…a his and her port-a-potty on the railroad!




This was my hotel…It was called the Rimrock (Banff).IMG_2906 IMG_2907 IMG_2918

Now the view at dusk was incredible!   However, I was still bummed out that I didn’t get a room at the Fairmont Banff.  I went to the Hot Springs which was located across the street…but was somewhat disappointed.  Not really in pristine condition.  I was kind of expecting something more grand like the Caracalla Spa in Germany.  Now that was magnificent.  Oh well.  Still having a grand time.IMG_2917 IMG_2909 IMG_2922


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