Fall In Baden-Baden


Today was a beautiful fall day to take pics in and around Baden-Baden.   Thought I’d make the most of it because it’s suppose to be sunny for only 3 days, and then rainy for the two weeks I’m here!  I’m hoping they are wrong!  Just like Vancouver!


image imageimageimage


I met some people at the clinic from Canada who live right around the corner from my sister.  There names are Marcela and Rick.  We fast became friends.  They have a car and today we went on a ride on a cable car to Merkur Mountain and had a cup of tea, ice cream and hot chocolate.  I’m their new tour guide!



Almost killed led myself on this crazy slide…it was the fastest one I e ever been on in my life!

Then we drove to Rastatt Residential Palace which was constructed by an army general named Margrave Ludwig Wilhelmina of Baden-Baden.  This castle was suppose to be a replica the one I saw in Versailles, France.  Unfortunately it was closed on Mondays, so we didn’t see much of the inside.  The whole little town was quite lovely and all the buildings were a salmon colour.  All in all, a productive day!


Tomorrow I meet with the dr to discuss my treatment plan.  Today was all the tests and blood work.  Again my blood was black…not goot!

It’s 5:00 in the morning and I’ve been up since 1:00…I had a decaf coffee today! Why did I do that?  Oh yes! I smelled the aroma of delicate roasted coffee beans and decided I must try one! I don’t think it was decaf. My appt is at 11:00. I really should go back to bed. I only had 2 hours of sleep tonight.  Gute Nacht!

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