Treatment Plan



Treatment Plan

Got very little sleep last night.  Hopefully I will recuperate soon from the jet lag.

Spoke to Dr Sommer and Mariam this morning and started therapy right away.



He basically said my kidneys need to detox, something is wrong with my lymphatic system and nervous system and my blood needs more oxygen.  I saw it was black in the test tube yesterday, so that was no big surprise.  Not enough oxygen.  Need to breathe more!

imageSo today I had a little piggy stem cell shot in the ass to reboot my DNA like a computer, had an artesunate IV (to kill cancer cells…apparently 95% effective in my case…I had this before), and two sessions with a bio photon machine (infra red rays?) to stimulate good cells.

Oddly enough I don’t need colon hydrotherapy this time.  My colon is good.

Felt much better after the ozone therapy…. Breathing better too.

imageHe thinks that the pain I’ve been getting may be my gall bladder, although there is no indications of a problem in any of the tests I’ve had.  Ever since I had the treatment today I’ve been farting like crazy (and I’m not generally a farter).   And these are very loud honking farts! Thank heavens no one has been around me when they erupted! I went on a very long walk to Lichtenthal Abbey.  Farted all the way and still my tummy is doing some fine gurgling noise. Maybe the pain on my right side was built up gas and it’s ready to blow!  I think it may have been the air plane food.  I don’t do well with that.  Aren’t  you glad you aren’t here ? 😄. Mind you, they aren’t the silent deadly farts like the ones my husband dishes out. Mine don’t smell. They are just embarrassing and painstakingly loud.

Anyhow that’s the scoop for today. Ill be posting pics of my long walk when I get out of the shower. Booked a massage at the Caracalla spa on Thursday. That’s going to be nice.


The #1 thing to do in Baden Baden on Trip Advisor was walk through Lichtentaler Allee.  I wanted to go see the rose garden and stumbled upon the Allee.  Here are some of flowers I saw…they have rose and dalia gardens.









I walked to the Lichtental Abbey, which was really very far.  But I was determined to see if I could spot any nuns in there.  My aunt is a nun.








The scenery was so incredibly beautiful.  Several months ago I saw an amazing picture of a road that had the most magnificent trees lining the street (on Pinterest) and I thought WoW, I would love to be there and see that.  A tunnel made of giant trees and its in Germany too.  Well, low and behold, there is  one in Baden-Baden and I was walking through it.  So neat!  I almost quit when I got to the Rose garden because my back was getting sore.  But I forged ahead to the Abbey and was so glad I made it there because I never would have seen those oak trees if I didn’t keep going.  Was well worth it!


















6 thoughts on “Treatment Plan

  1. Wow Maria, fall in Baden Baden looks so beautiful 🙂
    i’m glad that your therapy going well, i also tryied colon teraphy it wasn’t so comfortble but Pam (the nurse) so nice and funny, if you meet her please say hello for me. Never been in Lichtental Abbey but now i want go. Usually when i was there my grandfather didn’t want go out after therapy so i went out alone but always close to the clinic. Lucky me that wasn’t there when you had your ” farter attack ”. Hope to see you soon

    • Yes, lucky no one was around when I had my fart attacks. However I was feeling mighty bad for poor Pamela today after my colon hydrotherapy, as it was pretty damn stinky! I apologized to her profusely and told her I don’t know how she does it, I could never do her job. My husband could. He has no sense of smell. But not me!

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