Wednesday, October 14

This mornings therapy included two shots in the butt, one in the stomach and two in the back. Ouch! Little piggy stem cells…. get to work.

Also made use of their bio photon machine on my back and stomach. Got out of there pretty quick today so I started looking into renting a car for the weekend. I’m going to try to get to a really cool castle, but it’s a bit far and resides on two cliffs with a wooden walkway in between. Can’t wait to see that, even if it is 2 hrs away.



Today I visited a place that would knock your socks off. Heidelberg. It was stunning.image





I, unfortunately, know very little about the history behind this place because I didn’t feel up to standing and listening to a guide speak in broken English. Back is again sore from walking from the marketplatz and through the old part of town.  Beautiful alley to the castle with unique ornate buildings and lovely little shops.  Bet you it’s gorgeous at Christmastime.  Needed to get on a funicular to get all the way up the side of the mountain.  I’m sure you could probably hike up there, but I was in no shape to attempt it.




Just how did they build this thing in the early 1200’s? The manpower involved boggles the mind. Must have been thousands of people trudging up rocks up the cliff.  And they didn’t have machinery.  Can’t believe what I’m seeing is real.

imageApparently a bomb from France knocked off a huge chunk of a turret from the castle which looks to be at least 10 ft thick.  Wonder if anyone got killed from the section of the wall that came down!  The Germans decided to leave the ruins the way they were….if you think about it, who’d want to fix it nowadays and how would they do it?  I overheard a tour guide say something about a guy named Noble who decided to give dynamite a try.  Worked a couple of times but wasn’t too sure of the process even though the Chinese had been detonating things for years.  Nobles brother was handling some dynamite at some point and blew himself up which devastated his family.  That’s all I know.  Wonder if it’s the same Noble who won the Peace prize.  Did he have a brother who detonated himself?


Got home late. First train was late.  Missed connection.  Got on the next one and slightly dozed off.  Woke up.  Saw sign inside train saying Baden Baden.  Raced off the train.  Once outside, realized it was unfamiliar territory.  Quickly asked woman nearby if this was Baden-Baden.  She said,” Rastatt”.  Train doors closed.  Bye bye train.

Got home….eventually.  Sigh.

Still had a great day!




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