Look Who’s Driving the Bus



Dear Friends,

I’ve been busy doing all sorts of fun things lately and haven’t had much time to write. Tried to do a quick update, but had to relearn to put pictures in my posts because they changed the format on wordpress.  Sigh.

Made some paintings (above) at the Art For Cancer Foundation recently.  Love going to their workshops!

Went for a Spa Getaway with my retired friends and colleagues from my school with my birthday money!  Had our own beautiful cottage called the Casa Del Sol with a hot tub…but since I was talking with Linda until 3:00 a.m., I missed Cathy and Mary’s 7:30 dip in the hot tub outside and breakfast was at 9:00!  Food was great.  Company was the best!  Love you guys!  Loved my Eucalyptus Body Wrap too!  Was mellow for a good 3 days after that. Ahhhh good memories.

Sometimes, you just need a bit of pampering in a bath robe all day!



Last Thursday’s adventure consisted of going Wellspring (at Sunnybrook) to a Dark Chocolate, Nuts and Quinoa workshop.  Learned how to make some tasty treats!


Happily helping out at school for our Spring Concert on April 7th when we will be singing Pop Songs.

And look at this banner!  My Junior Girls Volleyball team came in 2nd (out of 39 schools)!




Spent another day with two friends from my TLC (Cancer Support Group) at a Salt Cave.  However, this one we went to was made out of Ukrainian Black Salt, not Himalayan salt.  Not sure I like it as much or felt as much benefit from that one compared to the other two caves I tried.  Thanks Deb and Beth for the day out!

Enjoyed a Sunday at my friend Wanetta’s Baby Shower.  Her son is expecting soon!  She made this dessert table.  She is so talented.  Check out this pretend baby she made in the cradle out of diapers.




I’m planning another trip from my bucket list.  If I don’t write until then, I’ll be posting pics!  I have had quite a number of friends pass a way in the last few months and don’t want to regret not going to this place if things start to go sour.  Going back to Germany too for another treatment very soon.

I’m on a mission to raise some funds for our school.  So one evening in early June, we are having a school Fun Fair/B.B.Q.  My friend,  Cake Boss Wanetta is going to provide us with a cupcake decorating booth which we will need help manning. Did I ever tell you how much I love you Wan?  We are also probably setting up a face painting booth, for all you artists out there who wouldn’t mind assisting us.

If you can think of something that we can do or something you can lend us a hand with, I’m all ears!  Looking for donations for an auction too, if you can help with that (or know someone special I can bug!)  Check your basements…be a regifter and give to us!  Recycle those unwanted items!    Every little bit helps!


This is so funny.   An entertaining scene I enjoyed watching and recording of my kids.

Our cat (Dora) climbs tree. Frack is worried she can’t climb down.  Offers cat the Green Bin Garbage Can.  Cat is not going for it.  Frack calls sister Frick.  They both ponder the problem of the cat in the tree and how they were going to get her down.


They continue to try to coax the Dora into jumping down on the recycling green bin.

When that doesn’t work, Frick hoists Frack on the bin in order to reach the cat to get her down.

Cat’s not stupid.  When the coast is clear, jumps down on her own.  See just her butt in the bush as she careens headfirst out of the tree!

March Break is upon us.  Frack went to live with my sister and her 3 boys.  He is playing soccer during the day and Mine Craft at night.  He is in heaven playing that Ipad game with my nephews at every opportunity.  Seeing that I chewed him out for using up all my internet GB this month and I had to pay Bell $30 more for unlimited supply, he may never want to come home again!

Went to Canada Blooms Show.  Thanks for the free tickets Jackie! 







Really liking this new pictures feature now on my WordPress blog site.  Very cool.

Need to go to the hospital tomorrow for my shots in the stomach.  Did my blood work today and it’s getting much better…everything is in the “normal” range (hurray hemoglobin and red blood cells, no transfusion for me!).  Everything is normal except for my LDL which has improved significantly.  Gotta start using some of my recipes from on my Liver Cleansing Diet Book again.

Unfortunately, I have been having a tremendous amount of pain in my back lately so I’ve been high-tailing it to the Naturopathic College for Vitamin C I.V. (twice in 5 days) and it’s made a considerable difference in terms of pain management.  Going to have my Xgeva shot tomorrow too ;0(   Wanted to get my mercury amalgams out so I stopped the Xgeva, but I don’t think it’s a wise move on my part to have all that dental work done because I could get ONJ (necrosis of the jaw) if I get my amalgams removed and it doesn’t heal properly.  Don’t think I can handle having the bones in my jaw disintegrate before my eyes because of something as simple as a needle (to freeze the area).

I got a letter from my disability insurance plan today.  They want my physician to fill out a form (Statement of Ongoing Disability).  One of the questions is….Is your patient following the recommended treatment program?  Yes or No.  If no, please comment.  If I give it to my oncologist I’m afraid of what he is going to write.  “I’m not driving the bus.  She is”.






















One thought on “Look Who’s Driving the Bus

  1. Hi Maria! Not sure if you remember me but we met at an advanced/metastatic cancer support group for those under 40 in the basement of TGH last summer. We talked about alternative treatments. I lost your email but would love to get in touch with you. You can contact me at sabrina.fuoco@gmail.com
    Hope to hear from you! Nice artwork, by the way 🙂

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