Rome: La Vita e Bella!

This place is something else!  So much to see!

Borghese Gardens

The wine and food is incredible and so is the GELATO!  I love the gelato and am thrilled that I can eat the cheese and ice cream here without having my crazy cough!  Awesome!

imageWe found a little restaurante near the imageSpanish steps and told the waiter to bring us whatever he recommended.  We had an appetizer of tomatoes and boccochini, mussels for two with pasta, tomatoes and a delicate flounder fish that melted in your mouth!  Chianti wine is the way to go in Rome.

Here are some pics:

….giving my new friend, a horse, some water.




Slaying some gladiators!



By the way, don’t stand too close to one of them, they smell pretty bad and want a kiss!






imageThe Trevi Fountain!  Very crowded, even in April.

Tossing a coin in the fountain… Which means you will return to Rome again!







I think this is the tomb of the Unknown soldier.




The people here are very helpful and one guy went out of his way to make sure we got on the right bus/tram.  However, we had a hard time finding the street our apartment was on because there are no F’in signs on the streets!




This is a pic of our side garden.


imageWhen we finally got home, our feet were hurting so much we jumped into our very own hot tub (with candles, of course) and had a glass of persecco.


Life is so good in Rome!



Sending you our love and a bottle of wine!


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