Day 5: Did Know Mary is Cursed?

This morning we had a hard time getting to our tour.  Called for a taxi… No connection.  Scrambled down the street to find a taxi.  Found one.

However, we missed our tour because our voucher said to be there at 9:30 and it actually left at 8:45.  Nice.  So we were running down the cobblestone roads to the Academia museum for 10:o0 to rejoin our group.


We saw  Michaelangelos “David” and many beautiful sculptures because this was where students studied sculpting.

Beautiful marble churches that were green and white marble.








Street artists.








The mountain Leonardo used to fly his first plane.


imageThe apartment where Michelangelo lived with his father and brothers in Venice.

His mother died when he was six. It’s believed that his renditions of Mother Mary was what he remembered his own mother looked like?

All our guides told us he was not a very nice man. He also didn’t have 4 students under him painting his stuff for him like Raphaelle. All Michelangelos paintings were hand-painted solely by him. I’d be cranky too if I was 84 years old and the Pope told me to paint the Sistine chapel. Can you imagine climbing a 4 story scaffold at that age? According to one of my art teachers, Michelangelo was gay and the Pope made it abundantly clear that he would be damned to hell if he didn’t paint his church. (That wasn’t mentioned on the tour). Michelangelo only wanted to do sculptures, not paintings. Doesn’t sound like he was given much of a choice.

Now for some more pics.
Found the most incredible store dedicated to Pinocchio!

image image image image










Look, the Mona Lisa on Chemo!


Pics from inside the Uffizi Gallery.

image image image image image image image


















Giottos Bellimage


And now. A word about Mary’s Curse. I have no more pictures because my iphone went dead. By the way, I’m sure the spelling of any of my Italian words are incorrect. Too bad. I just get by. Those horrible Italian lessons my parents made me go to on Saturday mornings were useless.

Our morning guide told us a great place to go to eat was on the second floor of the marcatto centrale in San Lorenzo Square. We had the best of everything…appetizers (eggplant, sun dried tomatoes, boccachini, buratta, Gorgonzola cheese on crostini, artichokes, octopus salad), tagliatelle with truffles (that cost a fortune but was oh so worth it…absolutely delicious), Tuscany wine, cafe lattes, cannoli and lemoni gelato.

Then we heard a beautiful voice/band across from where we were sitting, so we decided to go listen for a bit. She was so unbelievably good, I’d pay to listen to her sing. I stood watching. Mary disappeared. I heard my name and turned around just in time to see Mary walking towards me, with a waiter right behind her carrying a large round tray with a LARGe glass of beer.

Do you see where I’m going with this?

Mary stops dead in her tracks to tell me she found us a table and whips around. Guessing the waiter wasn’t about to stop, I yelled “MARY”, as the glass and platter flies through the air and splatters all over Mary’s coat and floor. Opps .

The waiter starts muttering something in Italian and wipes up the floor. Mary shrugged it off and said, “Oh well”, and sat down. I had to go to the gabinetto and left. When I got back Mary said we needed to go, “Now!” We started to walk away from the place when all of the sudden we hear a CRASH! Another tray landed on the ground with two espresso cups broken on the floor. Same poor waiter, with the same look he gave me when the beer went flying. Mary said, “Quick, let’s get out of here! Don’t turn around.”

Then she tells me she’s cursed when we got outside. Apparently while I was in the washroom, the same waiter went by her with a champagne flute which also went flying through the air and went crashing to the ground. Good grief. Apparently this has happened to her before. I told her the waiter probably thought she gave him the evil eye and now had to find someone to oil his head and get rid of the curse! Gotta show Mary where she buy the Italian Evil Eye warder offer charm when we get to Venice!

We spent a couple of hours later listening to a fabulous guitar player/singer near a lovely Cafe. We had tea and a cafe latte. It was the perfect way to end an evening…next to a warm fire with dotting waiters.

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