Call 911! He has A knife!

“Get Out! Get Out!” the woman behind the counter screamed at the man in the kitchen when Frack and I entered the nearby Fish & Chips Store.

Stunned I wasn’t really sure what to do as I slowly neared the counter keeping a close eye on the guy she was yelling at. The woman asked me what I wanted to order. I said, “Should I be leaving?” “No,” she answered, vhadd u vant?” Hesitantly I said, “My son would like a grill cheese sandwich with fries and gravy”.

She took my money and then proceeded to yell at the guy in the back…. “I told you to Get Out!”. An older couple quickly came to the counter, paid for their food and escaped as things (large blue plastic lids) started to fly in the back. More shouting from the lady. “I told you to GET OUT!  I am the owner of the store and I want you to leave.”   Then she turned to the rest of us in the store and told us to call 911 and that he threatened her with a knife.

There was a table near the window with three old men. I really doubted they had a phone. One of them asked her if the guy in the back was her husband. “He is NOT my husband, call 911, he threatened me with a knife”.

I then quietly told her I was going outside and I was going to call the police. Got Frack who was looking behind his back in case the guy decided to come after us. Once outside, I took out my cell phone and called 911.  Yes Claire, after badgering me to get a phone, it was put to good use.  I was surprised to be on hold for a while.

Finally a dispatcher answered and asked what was needed. “The police,” I answered. I proceeded to tell the man what was happening as two of our students from Frack’s school left the convenience store and attempted to enter The Fish & Chips place. “Stop!  Don’t go in there!” Get away from the door! He looked at me baffled and said, “But I bought some food from there!” “You can’t go in there right now”, I told him as I ushered them away from there.

I apologized to the dispatcher and made sure the kids could hear me say there was a possibility of a man with a knife threatening the woman owner. The dispatcher asked me if it was her husband. I said “No” and that I thought it was an employee. I did not see a knife, but he was in the back kitchen. The dispatcher asked me what he looked like. He is about 5’6″, Chinese, and he is wearing a dark blue t-shirt and jeans …just as the guy left the restaurant and walked to a white SUV. That was handy. I was asked what the licence plate number was but I was too far to see or take a pic with my phone.

Once he left the parking lot and was far gone we went back into the restaurant where the two school kids quickly got their food and left.

I told the woman I called the police and she thanked me. Frack started eating. Ten minutes later 3 cop cars and 4 very big policemen arrived. “It’s about time” I overheard one of the old gentlemen say.

I went outside and told them I was the one who telephoned them and the guy left. I think they were happy about that. I wouldn’t want to handle a guy with a knife either.  Mary’s daughter is a cop and she said they hate going to domestic dispute calls the most.

The police started questioning her. Apparently the guy was her boyfriend and it was her car he took.

I called the school to tell them what happened. I think I may have scared them to death when I yelled at them not to go in there. I’m sure they had a great story to tell when they got back to school.  Went to school to make sure everything was alright.  Frack told me I got the kids names wrong so I wanted to get that straightened out.  Way too many kids with the first letter “J”.

I then went to meet my retired buddies for lunch and had a nice glass of wine!  Cheers!  My first glass since Europe!  And boy I needed it!  Besides things would just not seem right eating with Mary and not drinking some wine.

P.S.  I have 2 more blogs I need to post when I have time. Our arrival to Toronto from Frankfurt was almost as dramatic as today!  That’s two trouble incidences.  You know what that m



McLandress ya left before I could ask the waiter to get a picture of all of us!  Next time!  We missed you Claire!