Safe and Sound


Dear Friends,

Well I made it to Baden Baden after all.  I had booked my flight to Germany with Lufthansa because it, by far, has the best service, but holy moly, the pilots strike really stressed me out.  Luckily my flight wasn’t one being cancelled.  I had a stand by flight for Air Canada on hold, just in case, but it was going to cost me close to $4,000.00 ONE WAY which isn’t exactly something I can afford.  I already booked and paid for my apartment, car, and part of my cancer treatment.   My good friends prayed for me and  thank the good Lord above, I got here safe and sound.  Lufthansa is still on strike.  I may have to find another way to get home, but that’s okay.  I’ll figure something out.  Maybe take a train to Paris or London and fly home from there.  Bobo is with me while my buddy Claire is watching my kids with help from my sisters and Joyce Baker.  Thank heavens I am blessed with support!

Today was my day of diagnostic testing.  Blood work, saliva, urine, iridology (eye photos), hand/feet testing in a dark room, and something where they hook you up to a computer to see what’s going on with your body.  The computer said these are the areas I need to work on in order….

1. Stress

2. My back

3. Heavy metal toxins (where did that come from?)

4. Colon (pretty sure it’s plugged up again).

5. Gallbladder?

Plus I have some free radicals roaming around that need to be taken down.

I will get the results and plan of action tomorrow.  I have some pretty ones of Baden Baden I will post soon too!

On. our drive down to Baden-Baden yesterday, we stopped off in on of my favourite cities, Heidelberg for a little bit.  Here are some pics.

Oh oh.  Not sure I can upload too many pics.  I think I have used up a lot of the apartments Wifi trying to do that.  Sorry 😕

8 thoughts on “Safe and Sound

  1. Hello my friend!!!! Glad you are there safe and sound!!!! Keep me posted with everything and call once in a while! Also if the kids need anything at all after school please tell them to call me Xoxo

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